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Jul 17, 2008 06:16 AM

Vegetarian Paradise (Brattleboro, VT)

Fairly new restaurant on Canal St in Brattleboro, a short block up from the Brattleboro Co-op. I've tried it for lunch and dinner and I really liked the food. Its run by two Rasta men, there's Bob Marley on the speakers, and the food is very Carribean in its flavors. Even though they don't advertise as vegan, the menu states that they don't use any meat, eggs or dairy, which I'm pretty sure qualifies as vegan. They also state on their menu that they use all organic and local produce - nice!

What I've had so far is the Curry Tofu. A really nice creamy yellow curry with tofu, squash, cauliflower, onion. Really nice. The brown stew tofu had a really nice brown sauce with bit of bite or tang. The vegies were sliced really thin - onions, red peppers. Rice options with all entrees are brown rice or rice & beans combo.

Entree portions are Small, Medium and Large. The Med & Large sizes are primarily for take-out, but the Small portion is quite generous for $6.50.

The vegetable side dishes are only $1.50 and include Spinach, Kale, Cabbage, Broccoli and Cauliflower. The spinach is fantastic. They also feature fresh juices and ginger beer (yum!) and bottled water and juices.

Two people for dinner - 2 entrees, 1 veggie side, 2 ginger beers, less than $25 with tax and tip.

I really love it so far and wanted to spread the word. By the way, I'm not a vegetarian or vegan and I don't think meat eaters will really miss it unless they are completely averse to tofu.

Please NOTE that they are not open Sat or Sun, unfortunately. Currently, their hours are 11am to 8pm Monday thru Friday.

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  1. Thanks for the review; I'm going to be spending a fair amount of time in Brattleboro in the days and weeks ahead. Is vegetarian paradise the name of the restaurant? The food sounds great. Does Brattleboro allow for BYOB beer and wine in restaurants that do not have liquor license?

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      Vegetarian Paradise is definitely the name of the restaurant, but I have no idea about the BYO wine/beer. Hopefully someone else can answer that one for both of us. This food would go so nicely with some really cold beers...

      1. re: RI Swampyankee

        My husband works at the department of Liquor Control so I called one of the enforcement folks there and asked this question. Her response was "they are allowed to bring beer or wine to a restaurant that doesn't have a liquor license if the restaurant allows them to." In other words, there's no law against it. :)

      2. Updated info. A side of steamed vegetable comes with some of the entrees, included in the $6.50. Also, when the menu says "peas" they don't mean green peas, they mean pidgeon peas which are a bean (I think).

        My SO had avoided the soup and the Ital Stew because they both contained "peas" and he's allergic to them, so it was nice to see when I ordered the Ital Stew tonight that it was actually pidgeon peas and he could have some.

        We had the Ital Stew, beans and rice, and side of spinach ($6.50), a bowl of "pea" soup ($3.50) and two drinks and it came to only $14.75 before tip.

        SO inexpensive and so delicious.

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          Many thanks for the review; I look forward to eating at VP.

        2. My husband tried it last night and enjoyed what he got. He also got the Curry Tofu and some soup. It was bean soup, the only wierd thing was they had put chunks of corn on the cob in the soup- the corn was still in the cob! It had nice flavor and I would order it if they had it again. My husband said he would go back and try other options as well. He got takeout- the medium size and because it was a lot of food it lasted for two meals.

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            The bean soup you had was actually what's listed on the menu as pea soup. It pidgeon peas, which are a bean. Also, its been my experience eating Carribean and Puerto Rican soups that they leave the corn on the cob and put the big chunks in the soup. I don't mind it at all, I just pick it up and eat it off the cob and set the cob on the plate that the bowl comes with.

            1. re: Bri

              Based on these reviews, we made the trek up to Brattleboro for dinner. (Ever on the hunt for good veggie chow.) The food was outstanding. More about that later, but first I see why many people speak about take out. While there are perhaps 10 tables, its not exactly set up for lots of eat in table service. We were the only eat in customers and the counterman was both waiter, cashier, server, bussman, etc. Other than Bob Marley and a few flags, there's not much ambience. BUT, The food more than makes up for it. We had a veggie patty (2.00) for an appetizer. It's a spicy blend of pureed vegetables in a baked pastry square. (very similar to jamacan meat patties, which are not like hamburger patties for you carnivores!)
              For entrees we had the curry tofu w/rice. Just as everyone has said, it was outstanding. Not anything like the heavy curry tofu you'll find in many asian restaurants. And the brown stew tofu w/beans & rice. Lots of tofu in a light sauce. The side dishes of cabbage & spininch were also very good.
              The drinks were also a high point perhaps missed by take-out enthusiasts. A large glass of carrot juice at 3.00 is a good value. It was seasoned with what seemed to be allspice & ginger. It was thirst quenching and delicious. The lemonade was certainly fresh squeezed at sometime that day, maybe even when ordered.
              All in all, we left full and satisfied for $25.00, including a tip, and will plan a return trip soon.

          2. I drive through Brattleboro often, and always stop at the Co-Op.I'm trying to place Vegetarian Paradise in relation to the store. Is it by any chance in the building formerly occupied by Mountain Mama's?

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            1. re: moskey

              If you come out of the Bratt Co-op, make a right and it is on the corner in the in the aprtment building, accross from the muffler shop and the Holstein Building.

              1. re: RichK

                Okay, now I know where it is. Thanks.

            2. **UPDATE**
              After several attempts to eat at VP over my holiday break and finding it closed, I had pretty much given up. But I was surprised to see them open last night, on our way to the co-op. After shopping, we popped in for dinner and asked them what was up with the prolonged closure. The woman said they needed to take a break and regroup and replan, but they're back to regluar hours and ready to go.

              For those that haven't been back in awhile, the decor is all new - tables, chairs, drapes, paint, plants. They've updated and laminated their menu (some new items as well as my favorites). Prices have gone up a bit, but it was so inexpensive to begin with that its still a bargain for lunch or dinner.

              Hours remain the same as well. Closed Sat & Sun, but open Mon-Fri for lunch and dinner.

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              1. re: Bri

                We planned to eat there Fri. but found them closed, despite the hours (5-9 pm) listed on the door/window. Based on reading this thread I would suggest anyone planning to eat there call to make sure they're open that day and/or have a back-up plan (perhaps the Co-op deli). Needless to say we were disappointed since we don't go to Brattleboro often. We did enjoy wandering around town.

                1. re: lgss

                  I have also found their hours to be incredibly unreliable yet again. Definitely call first to see if they're open...