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Jul 17, 2008 06:04 AM

Flight 55 has crashed.

Walked by this morning, Flight 55 on College is kaput. A new place is coming though! It'll be called "Sit in Bangkok" - I will leave it up to all the hounds to extrapolate what the new cuisine will be.

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  1. Their website is already up!

    The menu tab only shows the cover page, but the pictures in the photo gallery look pretty good (assuming those are their pix and not stock photos of those dishes).

    Apparently the chefs come from "the best" thai restaurants on Bloor St. W. and The Danforth, I wonder which ones those are?

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    1. re: Delish

      i'm surprised it took flight 55 that long.

      so we're getting more thai in toronto? the only new restaurants i see opening up in toronto are thai! talk about eating up the trends.