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Jul 17, 2008 06:02 AM

Jacques-Imo's Cafe Spinach Salad

Does anyone have the recipe for Jacques-Imo's spinach salad? It's served with your entree - very simple, just spinach, a light dressing and a fat, fried oyster. I can cook up the oysters, but how do they prepare the salad? It's very tender (maybe lightly steamed?) and the dressing may be a slightly sweet balsamic. I had a great meal there Monday night, and, in addition to the alligator cheesecake, the spinach salad was delicious.

Please share if you have the recipe or any ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Steaming will wilt the spinach however, dressing the spinach a bit before serving will soften it. Haven't had it in awhile so I don't recall the dressing.

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      I would experiment on my own if I were you. Steaming spinach is definitely not what you are searching for.

    2. I can't help you with the recipe, but just wanted to sing Jacques-Imo's praises & agree with you... the spinach salad is delicious! My husband & I ate at Jacques-Imo's for the first time last night & everything we ordered was excellent. Beginning with the cornbread muffins & cocktails, then your favorite spinach salad, & the entrees, BBQ shrimp & mahi-mahi, & sides of mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, & corn macque choux. Mmmmm, Mmmmm! We were too content for dessert, but I'm sure they likewise would be great.
      We are planning to make a return visit within the week & will ask about the spinach salad recipe.

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        Yay! Please do get the spinach salad recipe for me. Try the alligator cheesecake this's so good. You're so lucky you can return so soon; I won't be back til November!

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          I think there's some worschetshire (horribly misspelled) in there for sure

      2. southportchow, Report back on Jacques-Imo's spinach salad dressing ingredients: plum vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, & sesame seeds. I didn't get the amount of ingredients, that's where the fun in the kitchen begins!

        1. I was just there last week and noticed the stacks of spinach salad sitting in the hot sweaty kitchen. I think that is what did the wilting trick.... I agree, it was delish!

          1. Marty's Restaurant which used to be at the corner of Dumaine and Rampart had a wonderful spinach salad made with a dressing that included hot bacon grease, poured on just before serving. It wilted the spinach perfectly.

            At home I cheat a bit by putting the dressing on and then microwaving individual salad servings for 10 seconds.