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Jul 17, 2008 05:58 AM

Sushi Kyu

I just read Dale's "review" of Sushi Kyu on Anderson. While I found it interesting reading about the automated sushi rolling machine, I found it odd that he told us which rolls he ordered and what they had in them, he never actually told us whether he liked them or not. I THINK I've been there once and got some take-out rolls (not knowing the background of a machine making them) and was fairly unimpressed (what with Mikado across the street and Korea Garden just a few minutes away).

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't think you are talking about the same place. Mikado isn't across the street. This place is in a shopping center on Anderson. Haven't tried it yet - but have been to Shogun (the owner's other restuarant in South Austin that has been here forever) and I love their rolls! Very imaginative and great flavors. I'm looking forward to checking out Sushi Kyu

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        Sorry I wasn't clear. Mikado is across the street from where I work. This place is next to Toy Joy and Shoe Box on Anderson (across the street from Schlotsky's)

      2. i've been to sushi kyu a few times. it seems to be discount quality sushi that is not even mediocrely satisfying for a quick sushi fix, yet the prices are pretty high in comparison to the quality. the sushi rice is awful, the fish is tasteless. veggie tempura was good. also tried the udon once, it was very salty, kinda flat. i'd go back for the veggie tempura except that it's $10.

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          yeah, that was my overall feeling as well. Not even as good as Zen (and I really don't like Zen) and very pricey. I can get much better sushi at the same price at Korea Garden and for just a little more MUCH better at Mikado.

          1. re: amysuehere

            I don't like Zen either - in my case I wouldn't put Sushi Kyu below Zen. (Zen mystifies me.)

            Had lunch at Sushi Kyu yesterday. The rolls were subtle and inventive. The sushi was good. We also tried the ika and sweet potato tempura, the ika was tender.

            Service was prompt, helpful and professional without being fussy.

            The food was solid, but it did seem pricey for what we had.

            Not a sushi showcase. Good for lunch with a non-sushi eating friend .

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              Well, mi god, look at it's name. That should tell you something. J.