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LV Best Buffets - please don't shoot daggers!

A group of us is planning a week in Vegas/GCNP.
The majority would want to do buffets most nights, but a couple of us have convinced them not to. A minority of us are foodies and good cooks/bakers.

So...here goes the buffet question. We are looking to do buffets 2 nights for supper, 1 for Brunch possibly if we have to. All of them get mixed reviews and there is really not any info/rating on them from foodies like on this website. We want more than standart North American ribs, chicken, etc and LOVE fish, seafood and mediterranean food but would also like some meat selections for the carnivores.

We have narrowed our list to:
We are looking for your recs along with what to eat at your fave/best buffet.

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  1. I worked in Vegas November through December of last year with a crew of 7 people I was responsible for feeding.
    We did every buffet in town as it was a good way to keep everyone happy. I am a foodie and though at times would pay for thier meals and then sneak away to LOS or some place on my own dime, I did enjoy a few of the Buffets more than the rest.

    The Wynn had the most upscale selection and good quality - when we were there they had Wild game and a good seafood selection. Now this was during the holiday season so I dont know if it was seasonal or not. Bellagio was good as well. Mandalay bay had the best quality crab legs and shrimp IMO.

    I did not like The Mirage or MGM. The Rio was really crowded and though it had a good selection it was not as good as it was when I used to live in Vegas.

    My 2 cents

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      Thanks. I read reviews that the Wynn has really gone downhill in months, but am not sure.

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        Wynn and Bellagio are likely to make your crowd happy. Both have good selection of cuisines apart from average American fare and yet still have enough average American fare to make a corn fed carnivore happy.

        I personally tend to graze at the buffets. 3-4 hours of tiny bites and lots of people watching make me a very happy camper.

      2. Off Strip, No Crab legs But best for the $ $12.99 Lunch, $18.99 dinner The Red Rock

        Red Rock Casino Resort Spa
        11011 Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

        1. If you don't mind going off the strip a little bit, the Rio World Buffet has been the best one I've been to.

          1. This is our plan for eight days
            Buffets: Bellagio, Wynn, Spice Market, Le Village (will eliminate one probably)
            Restos for now: La Creperie, Tintoretto, Enoteca San Marco and Bouchon

            1. Finally tried the buffett at Paris and was NOT impressed with one exception....custome made crepe with apples and caramel topping was outstanding. Believe it or not the brunch buffett at Harrah's was OUTSTANDING!!!

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                Krugs - They present it as provinvial French food stations. Different stations offer different french types of cuisine. That is the only reason they were interested. Is it not like that?

              2. It was like that however the quality of the food was not there. Lamb was awful, crab legs were coated in some weird substance that made your hands smell for days. All in all was expecting much more.

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                  I agree. The buffet at Paris was a big disappointment for dinner. The different stations sounded better than they were.

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                    No Paris then, how about the Spice Market? Hoping for some good Middle Eastern food there.

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                      I liked just about everything at Spice Market. The Middle Eastern station was certainly up to snuff. Only genre I didn't try was Mex.
                      Especially liked the service there... easily the best of any boofay yet for me.

                      Sorry to hear that food at Paris has slipped. I went several times when they first opened and the food was as wonderful as the setting. Last visit was not so ay ay ay, and along with the latest word, it truly was my last visit.

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                        Thanks. Spice Market is a keeper then.

                2. Was at the Bellagio buffet Saturday night and it was really disappointing. I don't know what happened. Nice variety but the best stuff was slightly above average and a lot was below average. I'm sorry I didn't go to the Spice Market instead.

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                    Chandavki -
                    1. What time did you go and was there a wait?
                    2. Can you give some examples of what is on The Bellagio's that would be:
                    a) different or slightly above average
                    b) below average
                    Thanks; group is really intent on going, but I am the one doing all the research!

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                      We went to the Bellagio buffet about 9 pm Saturday. Wait was between 20 and 30 minutes. Notable items included beef wellington, Kobe beef brisket, two types of bluenose, mashed sweet potatoes. The sea bass, and both blue noses were pretty good. Crab legs were bland, prime rib was inconsistent (one good piece, one inedible). Pasta a little below average as was the salmon. Swordfish and Hungarian goulash were absolutely awful. Saturday night was almost $10 more than weeknights and given the good meal we had here a few years ago, it was extremely disappointing.

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                        I was at the Bellagio with my family last week and we all had a great meal. There was hardly a plate that wasn't completely finished before getting more food, and with my picky crew that almost never happens.

                        On the other hand, we also had the Spice Market buffet and there was a lot of leftovers. I did like the chicken tikka and falafel there, but the shrimp were small, the desserts so-so, and the mexican just plain bad. The only plus there was the wider selection, but I'd rather have a few dishes that I wow! over than many that are just ok.

                        For the specifics, we loved the filet, the pizza, the fruit, the fish, and all of the pastries and desserts we had at Bellagio.

                        On a different note, if you want the best of the best for brunch, try the Sterling Brunch at Bally's Steakhouse.