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Jul 17, 2008 05:03 AM


Having family outing at beach but am travelling and no time nor desire to cook. What are your suggestions for pinic type food. We will have hibachi so can cook premade foods. Thinking along the lines of fried chicken, roasted pig etc. Mahalo!!!

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    1. If you're willing to stop by Kaimuki to pick up speical-not-the-run-of-your-mill beverages, I would recommend that you go to Tamura's. You can also pick up an order of the 'Tamura's special poke' and the seaweed salad; both perfect items for the beach.

      Otherwise, a trip to Chinatown might be fun. You can get fresh fish and meats (to grill) or go to Maunakea Marketplace for already-made foods. Stop by Char Hung-Sut for manapua (sweet and savory) and the dumplings. (It's great picnic food!)

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        I am a huge fan of Char Hung-Sut. I stop by on every visit to the islands-my old high school friend owns and runs the place. Keep the ideas coming. Good ones so far! Mahalo from NYC!

      2. You have to be a member ($10/year), but Marukai across from Ward Warehouse or closer to the airport have great fish as well as pre-made japanese foods, salad, sushi, grilled food, bento, etc. can't go wrong there.

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          Wrong!! Out of staters get a free one week pass!! at Marukai-just need to show your out of state i.d.

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            good to know and all the better reason to stop there for your picnic. they also have premarinated miso butterfish which never offended any grill.

        2. Don't forget some of the Okazu-ya places (local/japanese style delis) such as Fukuya in Moiliili, Nuuanu Okazuya just below Vineyard on Nuuanu, and Mitsuken on School Street.

          You might also check out Tamashiro Market in Kalihi for fresh poke and other seafood, or Yama's in Moiliili for fish and other local fare.

          1. Hurry with more recs!!! Having our pinic at Bellows next week!!! We will be arounf 60 people in all and love to eat!! Will have hibachis so can cook anything but uncooked recs welcomed as well.

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              If you're set on hibachi-ing stuff, but dont want to do prep you can go to a korean place and buy pre-marinated stuff. i know gina's does it. you can also pick up may's (kalbi, bbq chicken, burgers) at pretty much all the grocery stores. poke at tamuras, tamashiros. there's also the okazuya around town. i don't frequent kailua/waimanalo area to often so I cant really give you more recs aside from foodland and zippys. but if you need breakfast prior to going down, there's always boots and kimos.