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Jul 17, 2008 02:58 AM

Muscovy Duck Breasts

Any idea where I can buy these in the local Boston area?

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  1. Savenor's. Half an inch of fat under the skin.

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    1. re: enhF94

      Savenor's is the only place around Boston where I've seen both muscovy and moulard duck breasts. As I've learned on Chowhound they've also got duck eggs, which I've been having over the past few weeks for Sunday breakfast.

      1. re: enhF94

        Just bought one last Saturday for dinner - it was delicious!

      2. Wilson Farms in Lexington sometimes has them -- call ahead though.

        1. i've also seen them at whole foods.

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          1. re: hotoynoodle

            I've seen them at Whole Foods in the past, but I recall reading another thread recently where someone pointed out that the producer they had been using also produces foie gras so WF stopped dealing with them (boo, hiss!). Maybe they've found another supplier?

          2. I think that of the three types of ducks, you're much more likely to find pekin or moulard than muscovy. Kudos if you do find muscovy - they are delicious, but if you can't, the pekin make a better and cheaper alternative.

            1. The Amish from New York south raise them.Try to locate any Amish farmers/markets
              near to you.This is their duck of choice,for many husbandry reasons.
              I'll see my Mennonite supplier/farmer/friend very early tomorrow AM (friday).Will ask if
              there is a colony in your area with Muscovy market ducks.
              Boston like DC is large and congested,any compass direction bad for you,gas,time,

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              1. re: lcool

                I appreciate it.
                I'm retired, so I have plenty of time on my hands for a ride.