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Jul 17, 2008 01:23 AM

Burger buns in Tokyo - where???

I don't seem to be able to find any kind of burger buns in Tokyo, not even at Nissin, which vry much caters for gaijin. Can anyone help? Do you know any shop / supermarket where I can find burger buns? Thank you.

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  1. Four packs of regular sesame seed hamburger buns have been showing up fairly regularly at the ito-yokado supermarket in Oimachi, they seem to sell out fast. However it is a fricken Japanese supermarket and what was on the shelves yesterday is prone to vanish never to be seen again. Also the bakery linde in odakyu depachika in Shinjuku usually has several kinds of kaiser rolls that make a good burger.

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    1. re: steamer

      Brilliant, will give it a shot. Thank you!

      1. re: Asomaniac

        One more sesame bun sighting today, Aeon Jusco at Shinagawa Seaside Station.

    2. Costco used to have them. I know they still have hot dog buns, but I'm not sure about the hamburger.

      1. Also the international supermarket National Azabu in Hiroo sells the hamburger buns all the time. Everytime I go they have them, but try to go early in the day because they do sell out. Gotta go there next week and restock for the BBQ!


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          I was at National on Sunday, around 3pm and they had a few packages of hamburger buns as well as hot dog buns. Side note: the Nathans down the street is gone :( replaced by a chinese/italian place. I was very sad.

          1. re: lost squirrel

            yeah, i saw that Nathaniel's was gone, too. what a pity..hope for their revival.

            sorry, i know this thread was for hamburger buns, but i couldn't resist.
            Lemme just add that I would go to National to get it, as well...

            and I recall seeing it in the organice supermarket in omotesando last year...

            1. re: lost squirrel

              Yes, there was hardly anybody ever there. Of course, a chinese/italian place is bound to be even more of a success in the very forgiving Tokyo restaurant market.
              As for hamburger buns, don't know, you should ask where Roti or Beacon get theirs.

            2. re: tokyozilla

              Thanks for the heads up! I've actually been looking for buns for months. I was actually relieved to see this topic least I wasn't the only one having trouble. Anyway, stopped by National Azabu this morning and picked some up. Looks like I'll get some pretty decent burgers tonight. Now if only the rain would cooperate...

            3. I read that West Park Cafe sells burger buns at its restaurants, but having dined there quite a few times, I do not recall seeing an obvious display featuring burger buns for sale. Either:

              (a) I am incorrectly informed; or
              (b) you have to ask for 'em.

              Do let us know how you make out.

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              1. re: maclock

                Thanks to everyone for their responses. Will try all the places you recommend until I find some buns. Eating burger patties between English style muffins is not quite the same...

              2. actually, I was just at Nissin this weekend, and they not only had hamburger buns, but they had 3 different kinds! It was definitely a pleasant surprise.