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Jul 17, 2008 12:51 AM

Can I bake cake & bread without stand mixer or Hand Mixer?

I've tried to bake a cake without any mixer and every time I tried I fail to bake? Is there any other method to mix a cake batter or bread dough without stand mixer or hand mixer. with a spoon or hand? If there is then can you please suggest with what and how to, for how long do i need to mix and what will be the ratio of the ingredients of batter or dough.

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  1. Can you be more specific about what did or didn't happen? What recipes you're following? What equipment you are using? You should be able to make perfectly fine products--both cakes and breads, with a bowl or two, a whisk, and a wooden spoon.

    1. Long before electricity people were baking cakes and bread. It certainly can be done, you do all the creaming (of butter and sugar) and beating by hand with a big wooden spoon. It requires a lot of effort and sometimes you swear your arm will fall off, but persevere and you will succeed.

      Any recipe can be made by hand, the use of a mixer or electric appliance does not change the ratio of ingredients. Just beat, beat and beat some more.

      You might also choose recipes that don't require extended beating. Reject those that direct you to cream butter and sugar together for 5 minutes in a stand mixer, for example, since that might well translate to a good ten or 15 minutes of hand beating - very fatiguing!

      1. It is possible to bake cakes using fork or metal blender without electricity. I never bought a large mixer but I do have a hand electric mixer. Bread requires kneading by hand for about 10 minutes. The ratio of the ingredients is according to recipe. Butter can be blended with sugar and eggs can be added after. Flour mixture and milk or sour cream can be added alternately. Vanilla or other flavoring can be added to the milk. Baking powder or baking soda and salt can be added to the flour.

        1. I prefer making bread dough by hand because you get a better feel for it, though the stand mixer is helpful when I'm in a hurry. For bread dough, you can also use a food processor but again, I prefer it by hand and like that even less than the stand mixer. For cakes, try ones that use oil if you don't have an electric mixer. Creaming by hand with butter would be time consuming. A good easy cake recipe:

          For bread, if you don't want to spend a lot of time prepping, try the no knead bread.

          1. Our grand, or great grandmothers baked cakes without electricity. Yes, you must beat until your arms are dead tired to cream the butter and sugar. After some experience your arms will not be so tired. However, when you add the liquid to flour mixture do it in thirds and mix as gently as possible.
            Making bread is not a problem and I know many women who prefer to do so. Stir the mixture with a spoon until it becomes too difficult then turn it out on a floured board and knead to finish it. As was said earlier, it will take about 10 minutes of kneading for most breads.