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Jul 17, 2008 12:38 AM

[stl] i'm trapped in the airport!

I will be confined to our lovely lambert-stlous airport for several hours this coming friday. apparently needing mobility/disability assistance requires one to arrive two hours prior to flight... yikes. So I'll be enjoying an early dinner with my hopefully dashingly handsome CSR.

so, where's the best place to waste my time? anything is fair game -- I'd love to have a Meal That Doesn't Suck As Much As Normal Airport Food and I'll have a few hours, a pretty spiffy set of wheels and a poor, poor chauffeur at my disposal.

Note, I do intend to at least buy a Coke for the poor sap who is suckered into being my companion for those two hours. I'm not completely malicious, I just haven't gone to the airport more than an hour before a flight since September 15th, 2001 (THAT was a real fun flight).

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  1. I think you're SOL. The food in the general area is horrid chain stuff. Even when you go into the gates, its not so great.

    1. Now, I've never EATEN there, but Schlafly has a taproom in Concourse B. They do have a limited menu ( ), but their beer is pretty good. Maybe if you have a couple of pints, the food will improve (if it's not good already)?

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        Is the Schlafly open already or is that part of the new airport plan? The link doesn't work, and there's nothing on the Schlafly site about it. We had a better-than-expected snack at the Wolfgang Puck place, which is on C concourse, I believe.

        1. re: lemons

          I believe it's open. The link had some extra characters on the end of the url- just delete them and you'll see the menu. I haven't been there but I have been offered a secret shop for it.

      2. I'll bet that was a fun flight on 9/15 and it's only gotten better. They pretty much tell everyone 2 hours. actually the STL crew, while just as strict as others, are a bit more personable than some. (I got a smirk when I apologized for a hole in my sock once - I'm sure they've seen worse)

        do you have to go through full security that early? 'cause an Imo's delivery to the upper drop-off deck or a Steak and Shake take out would make a nice picnic. and buy the poor sap some fries if allowed (White Castle isn't far either).

        I have always been dismayed by the Lambert food options. such a wasted opportunity.