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Jul 17, 2008 12:20 AM

Great restaurants in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands?

Hello everyone... I am looking for suggestions on great places to eat in St. Thomas... price is not an issue but let's say fine dinign and casual. Caribbean and seafood.. Thanks.

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  1. Grill Room - Mahogany Run
    Coconuts - Membership Club Ritz Carlton Fractional
    Tuscan Grill - French Town
    Room With A View - Charlotte Amalie
    Banana Grill Charlotte Amalie
    Herve - Charlotte Amalie
    East End Cafe - Red Hook
    Tickles - Sub Base (extreme casual lunch)

    All of the above you won't be disappointed


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    1. re: Tippi

      thank you for replying.... on my way to St. Thomas tomorrow and will take along the list.

      1. re: Lemoncaper

        My family lives on St. Thomas, so I wanted to give you a couple of additional suggestions:

        OCEANA (in Frenchtown) - This would be your splurge dinner. Patricia, the owner, knows her stuff and the setting is pretty amazing.
        ASOLARE (St. John) - Take the ferry over to St. John and book the first seating at Asolare. The view is extraordinary and the food gets better each year.

        I hope you have a great time.