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Jul 16, 2008 10:51 PM

A16 or Delfina?!?

Will be in SF for 2 nights and can't decide between delfina and A16... feel like both 2 nights in a row will be too much Italian so got to choose just one. Leaning more towards A16 because they have both pasta and pizza. I know delfina has a pizzeria also but no pasta there. See, if delfina had both it would be a winner. Please help me choose!!

The next day will be Ferry building and biking so no dinner plans but any recs are appreciated! I'm all about fine dining but maybe not so much my parents so somewhere in between?

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  1. I personally prefer A16 to Delfina but that is largely for reasons not directly related to food quality. I like the atmosphere in the back of A16, though the wine list is at around 100% over retail, I really really like it and all the hard-to-find, tough-to-sell wines from lesser known regions of Italy it has on it. And the food at Delfina is excellent, but it is also similar in style to food at other Italian restaurants I've been to, whereas at A16, the food is quite unique in any ways. I also like that some of the food is a bit deconstructed at A16 -- I wouldn't like this always, but I like it for an occasion; it can also make wine pairing more fun. If you like ricotta gnocchi, A16 makes the best I've had.

    All of that said, you cannot go wrong with Delfina

    The other day I'd see if you can get into Slanted Door. Call at exactly 5:30pm and speak with the hostess to see if they have a time later that night.

    1. A16 has a wood pizza oven and it's the only place in the area certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. I'd put it on my short list of must-try pizzas in the area. They try to make their food as close as possible to what you'd get in Naples.

      Pizzeria Delfina's pizza is about as good as you can get with a gas deck oven but it would not make my top 10.

      Whichever you choose, be sure to make a reservation.

      1. I prefer Delfina's over A16, but you can't go wrong with either. If youre visiting you might also want to consider the neighborhoods they're in... Mission and Marina.

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          If you're willing to make the trek to the e. bay, I'd also suggest Pizzaiolo --- cheaper and, I'd argue, as yummy pizzas. Still a scene, but I suppose that's a bit inevitable.

        2. thanks for the recs! i already made resv's to a16, thanks to open table. Will definitely try delfina on my next trip up... the wood oven is what draws me to them. Anywho, any other rec's for the 2nd night besides slanted door? Just want more options, we have A LOT of vietnamese food down here in LA... I know it's a diff experience but just want something we can't get down here..

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            If you are willing to make reservations and go well out of your way, try Aziza if they don't have great Moroccan food in LA. Or try Helmand Palace for a casual meal of great Afghani food, if that isn't really available in LA. Helmand, reservations probably aren't necessary. If you can't get good Basque / Basque inspired stuff in LA you can try Piperade (reservations necessary) or if you are willing to do Italian both nights (but not at all what you think of as Italian, and very different from A16) you can try La Ciccia (reservations necessary, out of the way). I've not been to La Ciccia yet, but everyone and their uncles and monkeys say it is wonderful. If you cannot get good Spanish in LA, try Laiola. Loud and scene-y on the weekends, but they hold over half their seats open. Reservations are advisable, though. (downside, right down the street from A16, so same area.)

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              Be warned about LaCiccia and call first. Last week, a sign on the door said closed for vacation. I'd be one of those uncles or monkeys, but we had to divert to Incanto down the street.

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                La Ciccia reopens August 1. Getting in without a reservation can be difficult.