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Jul 16, 2008 10:38 PM

Kid's birthday party

Hi. I'm looking for catering ideas for a toddler birthday party (with parents) in the Eagle Rock area. Little hamburgers, pigs in blankets, fruit, that sort of thing? thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. From experience: keep it simple.

    My favorite birthday party catering is from Gelsons's. YOu can order it online in the middle of the night, which is the only quiet time if you have a toddler The have a beautiful fruit platter that comes with chocolate dipping sauce, and you can get a platter of kid sandwiches without crusts, cut into circles.

    It's less expensive than hiring a caterer, but more expensive than making it yourself. It;s just so easy - get the food ordered already!

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        agree w/ gelson's as a good option.

        auntie em's would be another choice.

        this may sound odd, but costco also sells some great platters and frozen appetizers and foods (cheese/meat trays, veggie trays, spinach dip, spanokopita, chicken tenders, little chicken burgers or hamburgers... etc.

        1. re: Emme

          I've looked at Auntie Em's and it sounds great as well. Thanks for the suggestions.