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Jul 16, 2008 09:50 PM

Yaki -what??

Can someone exlplain -and spell- yakimee (the pho-esque New Orleans soul soup)?

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  1. Ya ka mein (say "ya-ka-MAIN" or "ya-ka-MEEN") has been a staple in New Orleans black community for years, served at bars and corner groceries and at second-lines. The Times-Picayune ran an article about it, and in the interview with Linda Green, the city's best and most proficient "Ya Ka Mein Lady," she said that it probably came back with black soldiers returning home to New Orleans from the Korean War (it's "Seoul food!" ... ahem). Asian noodles gave way to good old spaghetti, topped with chopped meat, green onions, a half a hard-boiled egg and a beef-soy sauce broth ladled over the top. You can additionally season your serving with Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, more soy sauce or ketchup. Unfortunately Miss Linda's momma told her not to give the recipe out, so she gives out a "basic" recipe that omits the seasonings added to the broth that make it "special."

    1. Oriental Triangle does their Ya Ka Min. This is a Chinese restaurant that also does Korean specialties. They are on Jeff Hwy, riverside, just before Clearview. 733-2388