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Jul 16, 2008 08:11 PM

Beast, Fenouil or Clyde Common? Any others?

My fiance and I will be dining in Portland the day after we get married before we fly out to our honeymoon (we are from Seattle). This is the first meal as hus/wife after our reception and want it to be special, based on food and wine. NOT looking for the most romantic with OK food. We love the Pigeon and also Park Kitchen. Sel Gris was another recommended. What do you locals think is the new best??

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  1. I would think that Beast would be the most special dinner. Clyde Common or Sel Gris would be my next choices--I think CC is more casual, but I like the food very much at both. While Fenouil is nice, I don't think it's in the same league--in my experience, while I've had good courses there, I've also had some that were kind of meh.

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      I agree that Fenouil can be meh. I had a lovely dinner there last week, but honestly I have had much better. Have you considered Genoa? It is very intimate and special with set courses and limited seating.

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        Yeah, I think right now is a great time to eat at Fenouil, but mostly because the space is lovely, and the outdoor seating on Jamison square is very pleasant. However, that's more about the atmosphere than the food.

    2. I'd recommend ten-01, Sel Gris, Carlyle or Wildwood.

      1. I suggest Sel Gris or Carlyle is another option where you could have a great evening.

        I think Fenouil is great for lunch and also for dinner as a stand by, but for your purposes I would go with the other mentions.

        Sel gris depending on the day and time you are there can be a little noisy, it's always busy busy busy while Carlyle is tucked away and save for Fri and Sat usually mellow with a minor buzz of business.

        Have a great trip!

        1. Ten-01, Sel Gris and Lucier (especially if you like a view) would be my suggestions.