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Jul 16, 2008 07:38 PM

Roberto's (Fingers) in Erdenheim?

Has anybody been to Roberto's (formerly known as Fingers) in Erdenheim? If so please post a review. I was underwhelmed by Finger's and even the non-smoking section was smoky. I would love to know if things have improved in it's new incarnation. Many thanks!

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  1. I'm afraid to go back because of all the smoke at Fingers. Also, I wasn't crazy about the food. If someone goes, I would like to hear their experience. I doubt if there are new owners (hence the fear that it is still smoky). I believe Roberto was one of the owners of Fingers, which was bought by two couples.

    1. The restaurant will be nonsmoking as of 9/11/08. The food is wonderful (even the house salad) especially the homemade pasta (pear ravioli app.) and the desserts made by Anne. (cannolis) The owner Roberto and his wife Anne are very welcoming. It's not hard to become part of the family. I highly recommend a visit while you can still get a seat. Also live jazz on Saturday nights.

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        Thank you. I am thrilled to hear of the nonsmoking policy and live jazz. I will definitely try it again.

      2. I am so glad to hear they will be smoke free soon. I will go there again soon and report back!

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            I go every week. Love the place. Great food and Great Service. Check it out.

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              Since you haven't posted on anything else on CH, can you be more specific so we know more about what you mean by Great food and Great Service?


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                All the pasta at Roberto's is homemade. They make a Pear Ravioli that is out of this world. All fish dishes are very fresh and topped in a variety of sauces. Best homemade Ceasar dressing I have every had. Recently had sausage, peppers and onions over penne pasta with a cajun garlic cream sauce. Absolutely fabulous. At Roberto's if you prefer a different type of pasta or a different sauce, you can mix and match. They will make the dishes the way to want. I love to get mushrooms, leeks and peas over penne pasta with creamy garlic sauce. This is one I request, not on the menu. There are many fresh selections to choose from. My suggestion, just go......

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              I was there fairly recently. A couple times in the restaurant and a few times at the bar. The food is good, actually a step up from what's available in the area. I like the pasta, which is homemade. Bar food is not bad either, eggplant parm bites in particular. On Fridays, they; generally have a live band during happy hour. Haven't been there in a few months but I doubt anything has changed. So happy it is now non-smoking.

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                The pasta is very good. We also like the calamari.