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Cheap Chinese takeout in Cary

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We used to get our takeout from Shanghai Garden on Harrison, but since the place went Thai (the new place is good, but obviously it's just not the same), I don't really know where to get good, cheap Chinese takeout in Cary. You know the kind I mean - when you want to pick up wonton soup and an egg roll on the way home from work and don't feel like going to a "sit down" place like Neo China to get it.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Nope, but I sympathize. If anyone know a similar place in North Raleigh, please share.

    1. Orient Garden on Maynard at High House by Kroger is a consistent Americanized-Chinese place. Decent spot for lunch and they serve more take-out than dine-in in the evenings.

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        Thanks! I've wondered about that one but haven't tried it - I'll make it a point to stop by this weekend.