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Jul 16, 2008 06:15 PM

Thanksgiving in Orlando

Will be spending Thanksgiving in Orlando with about 40 family members from around the country & UK. We have fully equipped houses, but don't really want to spend a lot of time cooking a Thanksgiving meal. We would appreciate recommendations on places to pick up a good Thanksgiving meal (turkey, dressing, assorted sides) and especially the important pumpkin & pecan pies!


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  1. Here's the thing about Thanksgiving in Orlando: All the mom-and-pop restaurants are closed. All the hotels have Thanksgiving buffets. Pretty much pick a price range and you'll get what you pay for.

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      Since we're quite a large group, we're actually hoping to find some places to pick up the prepared dishes to have dinner together at one of the houses. Doesn't have to be fancy--just well prepared. If it makes any difference, we'll probably be having our Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday.

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        I would really reccomend Publix, they carry all you have described, and it is much better quality than average(albertsons,winn dixie,etc) grocery store pre prepared food, I think you have to order the ham or turkey in advance, good luck,and although it's early have a great holiday!

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          You can also do FreshMarket. Whole Foods might do it too. Maybe TooJay's.

    2. another option would be honeybaked ham, as we have a few of their stores in the area.

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        HoneyBaked Ham also does turkey. Haven't tried them, but if there as good as them hams, it should make for a good thanksgiving.

        Also in Orlando, there's a bunch of Boston Markets.

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          HoneyBaked's turkey is pretty good. I use them to cater my school's science fair judges meals and they always get rave reviews.

      2. The area grocery stores each offer complete meals to go, just place your order ahead of time. Publix has a nice prepared meal and plenty of ala carte prepared sides if you want to pick up extra's.

        Additionally, there are meal assembly stores that will assemble the meal for you and you cook or reheat. Each franchise offers difference pricing programs for their regular and holiday offerings. Let's Eat, Supper Suppers and Magical Mealtime all have websites with local contact info to pick the location closest to where you will be staying.

        I also think the Healthy Chef offers a holiday meal, they have great food.

        There are plenty of personal chefs that offer programs for the holidays...

        Good luck!

        1. In addition to the fine places recommended above, I'd like to suggest Harmoni Market in College Park as another fine source for prepared Thanksgiving dinner. Harmoni already has great prepared foods and while I can't say I've ever had their turkey dinner, I am sure that you can expect the same level of quality that they provide in all their other meals. Here's some pricing information I found on the web for their 2007 Thanksgiving specials (I'm sure the prices will be 10-20% higher this year because of increased food costs).

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            I would suggest Publix -- they have lots of options for side dishes and they really make it easy for the kind of meal your are going for.

            I am not a pie expert, so I can't speak to the pies. (I have never liked pie -- although I love the pecan pie mini at Seasons 52!)