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Jul 16, 2008 05:53 PM

Where to eat near CoPa in Detroit?

Got tickets to a Tigers game in a few weeks and looking for a place to eat near the park. Doesn't have to be within walking distance, but something that won't take us way out into the suburbs. What's nice downtown? Looking for really good pub food or maybe pizza.

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  1. For pizza, I'd go to Greektown, Pizza Papalis on Monroe. A little place within spitting distance of the stadium that's pretty good is the Elwood, a diner that was picked up and moved from a location a few blocks away. Bar food preferences are an individual thing, but I've had good luck at Harry's on Clifford at I-75.

    1. This is probably too late of course. But stay away from Johnny Rockets. Your post reminds me I need to email their corporate offices. My wife took me there Saturday before fathers day. The place was filthy the workers including the manager on duty were all eating while they worked at the food prep stations, fryers, the grill in plane sight of all the customers. I didn't finish my food because of the many breaches in food sanitation I witnessed while waiting to get my food.

      1. I'd try Detroit Brewing for pub food. I've not eaten at Detroit Brewing but their sibling in RO is good.

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          I think it's called Detroit Beer Co. I'm not bowled over by this place, but it's decent, the beer's very good, and it's very close to tthe stadium. It is at 1529 Broadway in Detroit.

        2. I always make it a point to go to sweetwater! I think its on congress, but they have the best wings, pulled pork sandwich, ribs, and mashed potatos ive had in a long time! Locos in greektown is great for mexican.

          1. I second the recommendation for Detroit Beer Company - large diverse menu with something for everybody and usually filled with fans before a game. I'd also recommend Greektown - lots of options there. There is also Small Plates (right next to Detroit Beer Company) for more upscale options and Slow's BBQ - down Michigan Ave - its not walking distance but is definately not a suburb!