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Can't find Blenheim Ginger Ale (in Augusta, GA)

can anyone help? I don't mind making a small road trip. Hildebrant's, an old German grocery store used to carry it, but no longer do. Fresh Market used to carry it, but seemingly doesn't anymore (I called and they said they're having a hard time getting any). So, I'm stuck.

Any help?

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  1. My usual source is the Fresh Market, but like you've found, it's spotty to be able to find it there. When I do, I usually stock up.

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      I would just order it from the factory, but shipping is so much!

    2. I think fresh market has officially stopped carrying it. The two in the triad (hq for fresh market) have stopped carrying it. I have more success at smaller vendors in my area - bakeries even a barbershop

      1. From what I've gathered from retailers/restaurants, Blenheim has no distributor. Merchants have to actually drive to the plant if they want to carry their product, which makes it very difficult for anyone to find it on the shelves in their own town. With the price of gas going up, I expect it will only get harder to find. Unless you want to take a drive up 95 to the plant, I think you're out of luck.

        1. Love that stuff. There is no better. It's a shame it's so hard to find.

          Feel the burn.

          1. Josh, the Fresh Market has begun carrying Blenheim Ginger Ale again. I just saw a display of it at the Asheville store with a sign saying it was "back for your pleasure" or some such. $5.29 per six pack.

            So, get some while you can.

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              I always buy a case when I go to the beach I adore it!


            2. I just called Fresh Market for the third time in as many months...

              first time they said they were having a "hard time" getting any in stock

              so I called the Blenheim company, and they said it wasn't a stocking problem-in fact Fresh Market had not placed an order in some time

              I called back today, and was told that "it is a seasonal item and we don't have any right now"

              ....so I asked the kid when ginger ale season started....

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                  Hi Josh,
                  Just as an FYI, and so you don't think they are blowing smoke up your *%&, most retailers consider the summer the "season" for bottled drinks because sales on bottled drinks show an increase during that time period. Also, if everyone keeps asking for it at their local grocery store, more than likely the store is going to consider bringing it in as a permanent part of their plan-o-gram if they have one. You might also consider calling the factory where they make it and asking them if they could tell you which stores in your area carry it. They'll be happy to tell you because in the long run it means more business for them!

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                    I've always ordered from the factory (when I was in jersey). Most recently bought a case at a peach stand in Gaffney (near the famed water tower).

                    P.S. Can't believe the citizens of Gaffney allowed that Fatz sign directly in front of the peach. Have they no pride?

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                      Thanks for the reply, and I did call the factory. The drink is reasonably priced, but the shipping (understandably) is not. It was not worth the cost of shipping to me. Alas, I'll find it one day :)