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best bread and cookie

hey I am lookin for everyones opinion on their favorite place to get fresh bread, and a place that has your favorite cookies? any new sugesttions wold be great. thanks

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  1. For fresh Italian bread, I haven't found better than Bay Cities.

    1. my favorite cookie is the peanut butter cookie at the Wolfgang Puck cafe up at the Griffith Observatory.

      I also like the cookies at Frank's Famous bakery in Montrose, and Diddy Reise in Westwood is the bomb!

      1. Breadworks in WLA is great and has many varieties.


        I like cookies at Clementine a lot--their chocolate chip is soft and chewy.

        1. The Bread Bar on 3rd St. near San Vicente has some tasty bread (try the Alpine... it'll knock your socks off). They also have a great selection of seeded and non-seeded baguettes as well.

          1. Breadbar and Belwood bakery has good bread. I also like to hit up the better Kosher bakeries in the SFV.

            For cookies, I am addicted to Leda's bakeshop cookies. Most are bite size, but all are amazing (well, I've had the non nut ones, I have allergies...my husband says the nut cookies are divine, too) Here are some flavors from her site


            Most of our cookies are available in both mini and giant sizes.

            Chocolate Chip
            Chocolate Crackles*
            Chocolate Peanut Butter
            Coconut macaroons*
            Ginger snaps*
            Oatmeal Cranberry
            Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
            Peanut butter
            Peanut butter chocolate chip
            Pistachio Cranberry Shortbreads

            * Only available in minis

            Site is at

            1. My all time favorite cookie to date is the ooey gooey chocolate cookie at Milk. Their snickerdoodle cookies are also quite tasty. I also like Jack 'n Jill's chocolate chip cookies (510 Santa Monica Blvd location).

              1. Hi Heidi,

                The ultimate decadent & addictive cookie is the Chocolate Fleur de Sel Cookie sold from a jar at Cafe M de Chaya. I'm in the process of trying to replicate the recipe!! This with a glass of milk is pure NIRVANA!!! -JET

                1. OH, How could I forget to add the Cappucinno Chip Cookie which has a serious coffee flavor & a delicate, sandy texture from Perfectly Sweet Bakery. This is also amazing!!

                  1. My two favorite cookies for purchase are a Persian Cookie known as 'Sahali", that is available at any Persian Market, and the Cafe' au Lait Cookies made by Perfectly Sweet Bakery! JET

                    1. Cookies: The chocolate chip at Clementine's is great - a little flat, crispy on the edges, chewy in the inside, delicious.

                      Fresh bread: Bay Cities. Especially when it is fresh out of the oven.