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Jul 16, 2008 04:38 PM

Road Trip to Minneapolis from NYC

Hello foodies!

I am embarking on a pretty big (for me) road trip from NYC all the way to Minneapolis in late August.

We are taking I-80 most of the way.

All 3 passengers (and two dogs!) are foodies. We will go, say, an hour or so off the path for amazing chow. More if it's something really good that we can't miss.

I am mostly interested in the Indiana/Illinois/Ohio/Michigan portions of the journey. All suggestions welcome. (Dog-friendly preferred, I suppose)

We will eat anything as long as it is delicious.

Here's hoping you Chowhounds assault me with suggestions


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  1. Also- will search the boards plenty on my own, but anyone who wants to point me at a specific thread is much appreciated.

    1. I would encourage you to venture up the Mississippi through La Crosse. Beautiful views & good food, too! You can search La Crosse, Red Wing, Wabasha for ideas. I would recommend Piggy's and Kate's on State in La Crosse.

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        oh looks like a lovely area on the map! thank you so much!

        1. re: appolonia

          There is a very good article in today's Star Tribune newspaper about the restaurants along that stretch. Hopefully you can access it online: Lots of wonderful sounding places, some of which I knew nothing about (although I'm not a frequent guest to that part of Minnesota lately).

          Sounds like my kind of trip. Enjoy it.

      2. Murphin Ridge Inn in West Union OH is nice and there is a super cool worker owned restaurant in Athens OH called Casa Nueva that shouldn't be missed >> don't know if those are to out of the way tho. Problem with major highway routes like that is you get a lot of chains along them