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Jul 16, 2008 04:33 PM

90th B-day celebration - restaurant or venue suggestions

My grandmother is getting ready to celebrate her 90th birthday so we want to plan a surprise party for her. She lived in Sherman Oaks for 60+ years and most of her friends live there so we will plan on that general area as the party location. Looking for suggestions on a venue for approximately 25 to 30 people...some place that would be fun for her. We plan to rent a limo to drive us from Anaheim (where she now resides) to the Valley, have the party, then head back. Any thoughts/suggestions as I've lived in Cerritos area for many years so I'm not that familiar with the Valley.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. is she mobile? what is considered fun for her?

    my grandmother loved the brunch we did at Spazio. sundays, there is a great jazz...

    Cafe Cordiale is kind of a nice place to do a celebration, with food that isn't too complicated or difficult for a variety of palates.

      1. Le Petit Chateau in North Hollywood. Ok this may be an odd pick for some but I love this place but I also have a fondness for classic or "blue haired" places! Its quiet and the servers are gracious ... food is good and I think the atmosphere is charming... And if it were my grandmother this would be one of my top choices.

        I also agree with Bizou...

        Le Petit Chateau Restaurant
        4615 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91602

        1. I don’t know how the food is these days, nor do I ever remember it being that outstanding, except way early on you could catch a trout in one of the ponds and the chef would cook it for you, but whenever there was a special occasion and we didn’t want to head into town, the Sportsman’s Lodge was the ticket. No more trout I’m sure and the ducks that wandered the premises are long gone too and I presume they were just there for show. I can imagine this valley landmark would inspire fond memories and be really comfortable for an older crowd.

          Another consideration would be the Valley Inn, which is fun and has actually quite decent food.
          Hope it’s a wonderful celebration.

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          1. re: Layne Murphy

            Just a note on Sportsman's Lodge, I heard on the news that they will be closing at the end of the year. So I guess now's the time to go or go back.

          2. When are you thinking of having this event?
            Is it day or night, etc.?
            Are hearing issues a problem for her?
            What is your budget?

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            1. re: carter

              Wow, thanks for the responses. She walks with a walker so yes I consider her somewhat mobile. I'm not sure nowadays what is fun for her...I think just getting out of her apartment would be fun at this point! :-) Her b-day is in March 09'. I would like to do something during the day (luncheon possibly) as I would imagine most of the elderly guests would not want to drive at night. She thinks she can hear great, but I would beg to differ. :-) I haven't really come up with a budget yet. I guess I'm trying to come up with some ideas for locations first, then will try to figure it out according to what we do. She's now living in an apartment at a retirement community, but used to have a lovely home with a big garden. She used to do a lot of cooking, gardening, floral arranging and has been very interested in all the different cultures throughout the LA area for over 60 years. Keep the suggestions coming! I'm going to be doing a lot of research over the internet as I need to start the planning now. Again, I really appreciate all your help! You guys are great!