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Jul 16, 2008 04:18 PM

Del Mar Happy Hour--Social Restaurants


With race season in full gear, can any of you please recommend a couple of good happy hour/restaurant bar scenes with decent/good food that would attract professional 30-40 year olds....I know the names, such as Brigantine, Red Tracton, Market, etc--but is there one or two heads and shoulders above the rest for a Thursday or Friday would the Villa de la Valle places differ from a Poseidon/Del Mar Plaza scene--more classier, different type of crowd, etc?....Looking for social scene and then food, in that order. Appreciate the input.

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  1. For Happy Hour scene for 30-40 year old professionals you might want to try En Fuego Cantina. The food is pretty mediocre but I think that's the crowd that hangs out there during Happy Hour and it's a nice location/atmosphere.

    1. I really can't comment on the scenes during racing season, don't do happy hours. But I will mention a couple of places that you might want to check out. Paradise Grill in the Flower Hill Mall, the bar is really beautiful, they have a nice covered outgoor patio with a fire pit. It is probably nicer than I describe. The food is fine, I really enjoy their Lunch burger, never been there for dinner. Market's bar is nice but kinda small and it does get crowded. Red Tracton's is really old school but fun. Epazote up in the Plaza is a scene, I was just there for a City of Hope function, and it lives up to its reputation as Cougar Country. Fidel's and Tony's both have their followers, but those may be not what you are looking for. I would avoid the Brig H.H. during racing season, people get way too hammered there and it can get a bit out of control, esp. on fri and sat nites.

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