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Jul 16, 2008 03:42 PM

Breakfast Syracuse Carrier Circle

We're making our annual trip to Pulaski,NY to go kayaking - we're staying at one of t he chain hotels in Carrier Circle, Syracuse & haven't been able to find a decent breakfast around there or on the way north - any suggestions, looking for something good, but fairly quick & not too far out of the way



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  1. We used to eat at the Denny's just off the west end of the circle. The food was adequate. Service was poor and that particular property had big problems when they denied service to Asian Americans. There is a halfway decent buffet at the Courtyard on the Circle. There used to be a good diner on Erie boulevard but I think it is gone. If you have the time, southeast of Carrier Circle in Fayetteville is Haller's which is really good. You can also put together a nice breakfast at Wegman's supermarket in Fayetteville. There is also a Perkins restaurant on Erie Blvd.

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      It's been a few years since I've been to Syracuse but I believe that the Egg Plant is still on Gennesse. Great breakfasts 24/7.

    2. You might want to catch a quick coffee to go when you leave Syracuse and have your breakfast at the Grist Mill at exit 33 off of I-81 North.
      We find it's worth the wait when we leave Syracuse to get some good food at this place when we're heading North also.
      This is an old fashioned truck stop serving good food and large portions of that food.

      1. fun greasy spoon. Go south on Thompson Road (Carrier Circle) to James street.Maybe a mile.Turn right and a few strokes of the paddle on the right is an old timer,tired looking dinner. Fun and good.

        1. Get off I-81 at Central Square and head East on 49 for a very little ways and you'll see Good Golly's on your left. Their heaping platters will put more in your belly than will come out of your wallet! And give my regards to the Black Hole of the Salmon River.

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            Thanks to all for your recommendations. itoadaso - sorry we didn't get yours before we'd left - we'll try that next year.
            We tried The Grist Mill Saturday - was OK but not great
            On Sunday we tried Kim's Cicero Diner - right off exit 30 on route 11 - in a strip mall. A small place, looks like it's locally run. Excellent eggs & italian sausage special - we'll be back (free wireless too)

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              We ate at Wade's Diner this past wekend in Oswego for breakfast on the way back from our cottage(we ate at the Grist Mill on the way up)
              Grist Mill is good---their fretata is our favorite----but Wade's has about the best omlettes we've ever had.
              Give us another chance(LOL) and try this place if you're up that way again!
              I'd be curious to hear what you have to say about their omlettes!!!