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Jul 16, 2008 03:19 PM

Kansas City Restaurant suggestions

I will be in Kansas City for a few days in September and i am putting a restaurant list together. I have never been...

I am open to anything but above all i am seeking the top BBQ/RIB places in town!
Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. There are a million-and-one KC BBQ posts and they all suggest something different. My new favorite (not new, just new to me) is Danny Edwards on Southwest Blvd.

    I would suggest a trip to Bluestem (extensive posts on this site) for a nice evening out.

    1. BBQ: My favs are LC's and Oklahoma Joe's. There's some buzz on Woodyard BBQ, Jane and Michael Stern wrote it up a couple weeks back and were pretty satisfied. Lots of folks are going to tell ya' to go to Jackstack, Gates, and Bryant's, if you must test those waters go Bryant's. Jackstack is mediocre meat at a premium price and Gates always tastes like it has been sitting on the grill for 2 hours after they smoked it.

      Asian: Red Snapper for good sampling of pan-asian fare, Blue Koi serves up good noodles and dumplings, my fav is the Fire Bird, a szechuan type sauce liberally applied to Duck or Tofu and served w/ rice.

      Pizza: Spin, good neopolitan style pie w/ gelato for dessert.

      Burgers: Blanc Bottles & Burgers a higher end burger joint w/ killer beer list and tasty fries, rings.

      1. Not surprisingly you'll get different opinions. But I post mostly on the Toronto Board, so it may be easier to tell if your tastes are similar to mine.
        My detailed report is in this thread

        Of course, if you don't agree with my Toronto picks then you're on your own!