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Jul 16, 2008 02:58 PM

Wilson Farms or Russo's or other? Need help quick...

Hounds, I'm hosting two, yes two, cookouts this weekend (Friday night and Sunday afternoon) in celebration of my father's 80th birthday. I was going to do some sides and apps that require baking, cooking, etc., but we don't have A/C and I know it's going to be brutally hot this weekend.

So... I'm doing everything on the grills outside, but I need to get some interesting sides, salads, etc. Each cookout involves meat and seafood. Which would be a better choice for variety of ready-made food? Wilson Farms or Russo's? I live in Burlington, so Watertown is really the farthest I'll travel (and I'm not nuts about that...).

I won't consider Whole Foods because everything there tastes curiously the same, with the added woe of really fast spoilage. TIA!

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  1. If you mean sides for your meats and seafood, I think Verrill Farms might be the closest and the best for things like pasta salads, etc.

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      Verrill Farms does have delicious sides like the OP is looking for but it's way out the other side of Concord. If she's hedging about going to Watertown, she may not want to go to V Farms. I think it's worth the trip, though. Call ahead and see what they have and the price. The quality is excellent but it doesn't come cheap.

      In a current thread on potato salad, someone mentioned Blue Ribbon. The one in Arlington isn't too far away from Burlington. Can you pop in and taste the sides you're interested in? You could then place your order -- or not, depending.

      Maybe not what you are lookng for but how is Roche Bros. when it comes to potato salad, coleslaw, etc.? The one in Acton is better than I expected.

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        Guess it does depend on where in Burlington. I was just thinking, slip out Rt 62 and come in the back way. Aren't we lucky to have so many options?

    2. I think La Provence ( in Concord center puts Wilsons Farms, Russo's and Verill Farms' prepared food to shame. Many more salad selections (potato, bean, wheatberry, tomato, lentil, pasta, etc.) and diversity as well.

      1. We love the sides at Russo's. Don't just look in the deli but there is section kitty corner to the fresh pasta counter with wonderful pickles, kraut and and pickled veg that are so good and so inexpensive. The deli has a good selection of sides - potato salads, pasta salads, cole salw , grilled veg etc. and the prices are really good.

        1. I love Wilson Farms but I don't find their prepared foods to be their strong point. Pretty near though is Something Savory, which has excellent Caribbean-influenced food -- they might be worth checking out.

          Something Savory
          1312 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

          1. If your tastes are a bit adventurous and you're willing to travel a bit farther, to Allston, the Russian stores have a delicious and colorful array of salads and other prepared foods. Closest would probably be Bazaar on Cambridge St just below Union Square and Berezka on Comm Ave at the corner of Harvard.

            Bazaar On Cambridge St
            424 Cambridge St, Allston, MA

            Berezka International Food Str
            1215 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA