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Jul 16, 2008 02:29 PM

Need some help for Grand Rapids Visit in August

I will be visiting Grand Rapids in a couple of weeks and need a few recommendations.

I would like to know if there is a liquor store that has a really good selection of single malt scotches. I know this may be hard in GR (I did live there a few years) but anything would be appreciated.

And also, is there a restaurant that has a good selection of single malts?


I'm really looking forward to visiting Russo's, Penzey's, and Kava House when in town.

DC Scotch Chick

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  1. martha's vineyard (booze and wine store) 200 Union Ave NE may have what you are looking for . The other place would be Russos. And stop next door at Nantucket Bakery while you are there. If you are at Nantucket on a Saturday ask about Bundukies (somewhat sweet dinner roll type thing stuffed with cooked onion and bacon) SO GOOD!!

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      Thanks for the tip, prison chef. We did as you said and asked about the bundukies this past Saturday. We stopped in around 10am and they wouldn't be ready for another half hour or so, but of the 140-some they had made, 114 were already sold. We ordered two and strolled around for a bit. When we came back, they were piping hot and, for $1.25 each, we were impressed with the amount of filling - not just sprinkles of bacon and onion. Looks like a nice bakery, we'll have to return.