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Jul 16, 2008 02:28 PM

Best Mexican in NY

Im from NYC but lived in LA/southern cali for 2 years and can't get the amazing mexican food out of my head. Im not talking about Rosa mexicana style, frufru mexican. Im talking about free chips and salsa when you sit down, burritos, real tacos, tamales, mojarra fritta, handmade flour tortillas, you name it....for reasonable prices.

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  1. The best I know of in Manhattan that isn't frufru mexican is Baby Bo's on 2nd Ave (around 35th street). My friend from Phoenix who gave up his search for good mexican food was uplifted when a friend of his brought him there. It is generally excellent, the dish I'm most impressed with is the Mexican BBQ Duck Burrito. Dear lord it is out of the house. The atmosphere is down to earth and the flautas and the enchiladas I had were some of the best I've had in the city. Their normal burritos are OK. Let me know how it goes.

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      The restautrant sounds great! I live in DC and am visitng for the weekend, I was hoping to try a new Mexican place. Do you know if there are any vegetarian options?

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        Yes I'm pretty certain of it. tell me how it goes if you decide to go. =)

    2. Also there are a bunch of authentic mexican places in the Lower East Side, El Maguey y La Tuna stands out for me as the real deal, though there are some others that are legit too. Barrio Chino, along with El Maguey y la tuna, is a place I heard a lot in this forum and amongst friends as a good mexican spot. Hope this helps =)

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        Actually El Maguey y La Tuna I'm not sure about, I was thinking of a different place (which I forgot the name of). I cannot say specifically what places in the L.E.S. are good, but I am pretty sure there are 1 or 2 worth going to. I think one on Allen street.

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          i can tell you the best mexican in the east village. Go to a place called ITZOCAN, I am not sure that my spelling is right, but this place is awesome. It's on 9th street between 1st and A closer to A. It is a tiny place maybe 12 seats. (It is a secret though, keep this spot on the low) The shrimp dish is delicious, the chicken is awesome. The dinner menu is more traditional home style cooking, the day time menu is more Burritos and the regular stuff you would find on a typical Mexican menu. All the specials rock.... Just go and get back to me..

      2. Definitely try Florencia 13... sounds like exactly what your looking for and the owners are from that area.

        1. I haven't been yet, but if you are willing to go to Queens, this sounds like the place:

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            the taco truck by the barnes and nobles on 86th and lex

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              i live right there and have never tried it, i see it occasionally.
              Think its worth it??

              1. re: mesohunie

                Had a torta sandwich there. Very, very disappointed.

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                  i've only had taco's. not as good as the 60th and 3rd cart (and i like one on W 14th, but only eaten there late after drinking, so that's a different category of good)

            2. Mole in the LES, my new favorite mexican joint. Had a very authentic carnita burrito enchilada style, which is one of my favorite mexican dishes. It's on Allen btw Houston and Stanton.