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Jul 16, 2008 02:24 PM

Charleston for Families

The family is coming in for the weekend and bringing young kids along. Where can you find good food in Charleston in a restaurant that is appropriate for families? They especially want seafood. I am thinking Bowen's Island early in the evening. Any thoughts?

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  1. I think either Bowen's or SeeWee would work.

    1. The Wreck would probably also be a decent option.

      1. There are tons of kid friendly places in town. Downtown there is Jim 'n Nicks, Saffron, Joesph's, The Mills House, The Marina Variety Store, Andollini's, O'Malley's... just to name a few. And, at the risk of inciting others here, there is always the Crab Shack or A.W. Shucks (yes, I know... but they are kid friendly and food is ok -- and it is not Hyman's!). If you go off the peninsula, there are lots of choices there too -- particularly Boulevard Diner, Mama Brown's in Mt. P; a slew of places on Folly and Sullivan's Island...