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Lobster rolls and white wine for lunch

I've been away from New York City for 2 years but I will be in town next weekend and I'm craving a lobster roll (which I can't get here in Atlanta). I tried to do a recent search to see if there's any new news on the best lobster rolls in Manhattan, but I couldn't find a recent thread specifically about this topic... forgive me if I missed something and I'm being redundant!

Anyway, I need suggestions on the place to get a lobster roll and a nice glass of wine on a Friday afternoon. Someplace that won't be too long of a wait at, say, 1:30 pm.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to revisiting some of my favorites next weekend!

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  1. Eds Lobster Bar on LaFayette

    1. Pearl Oyster Bar would be my first choice, then Mary's Fish Camp. I've not tried Ed's yet.

      1. BLT Fish Shack (the downstairs of BLT Fish) should be able to do this for you. In fact I think that's the main reason he opened the restuarant to begin with.

        1. Pearl (top choice), Ed's, Mermaid Inn (regular or the mini's) and Mary's. Haven't had BLT'S.

          Skip: GC Oyster Bar and Parlor Steak.

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            Second Mary's Fish Camp. Served with extra-good fries!

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              Yes - I like the fries there better than the ones at POB - a little chewier.

          2. Ditch Plains

            Ditch Plains
            29 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014

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              Wait, I forgot Mermaid is closed for lunch.

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                  I haven't had the lobster roll at Ditch Plains, but my last meal there was pretty poor. Have read similar reports on this board. That said, they do have great prices on wine.

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                    Not sure what you had, but I think you have to stick to the simple things there. I usually go there for the gruyere grilled-cheese. Awesome! Anything more than basic fare and your better off across the street @ Blue Ribbon.

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                      Well, since it's a seafood place (incidentally, OP was looking for seafood too, not grilled cheese), I've mostly had seafood, including baked oysters, fried clams, fries--not hard things to master. I've also had an omelet once--pretty wan and thin.

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                        I read the OP, I've had the lobster roll, and it was good.

              1. Pearl's Oyster Bar is the gold standard. Ed's is my second choice. Make sure to check lunch serving times at all of the places mentioned as it varies widely.
                If you desparate, then you can go to any number of the many places that now attempt to serve a lobster roll: Black Pearl, Mermaid Inn, Mary's. All are second rate to Pearl however.

                1. I have yet to go to Quality Meats, but while looking at their menu online I noticed the The Qm 2 Lb. " Lobster Roll ". Seems crazy. Anyone ever had it?

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                    I like Quality Meats a lot. Either that's a new addition to the menu, or I've just never looked at the lunch menu before. I always worry when menu items are in quotes. I bet this is good, though.

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                      Yes, bosun. Just had it. I believe it is only served at lunch. It is not a "traditional" lobster roll. It is quite large- served on a flat rectangular piece of brioche. Layer of greens and avocado. The lobster had a bit too much mayo for me and I thought the bread was too rich and dense (esp with the avocado) for a lobster roll. It is alot of food, comes with yummy french fries and a small green salad. Costs $33. I prefer the Pearl lobster roll.