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Jul 16, 2008 01:50 PM

Toast on 24th Street

It's been open about one month; there are crowds waiting outside for lunch every day. Thought I'd try it out. The old "Herb's Fine Foods" got a complete makeover; the decor is quite nice (modern diner I guess), though there was something about the 1940s look of Herb's that also was appealing. My partner and I got there about 11:40. The place was already full, but after waiting about five minutes we got a table. So far, so good. Waitstaff was friendly and attentive, but the crowd made their work difficult. We waiting another five minutes or so to place our orders. But then we had to wait over half an hour to get the food (drinks came right away). The kitchen can't seem to handle the volume. I ordered a hot pastrami sandwich. It was only so so, and strangely on a baguette rather than rye. No comparison with, say, Quincey's on Market St. My partner had a Reuben, and it was quite good. But the side orders of fries for both of us were not hot (luke warm at best). Probably because it took so long to get our orders. Many people at noon were ordering off the breakfast menu, and from what I saw it looked good (perhaps better than Herb's). Prices were generally reasonable except for the $3 I paid for ice tea, which seemed a bit steep (no pun intended). Another gripe I had was the noise level. I'm old enough to want to chat with my eating partner, a quaint idea in all so many restaurants these days. But again the crowd probably contributed. So if our experience was typical, I wonder how long the crowds will line up to get in at lunch.

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  1. I ate there with Mom for Sunday brunch and found it decidedly "meh". I had corned beef hash - I found the corned beef to be not very tasty, too chewy and rather greasy. The hash browns were not impressive either - not much potato flavor and a suspicious resemblance to frozen... Mom enjoyed her eggs florentine (and the hollandaise was quite tasty). But all in all, I can't see making a beeline back here - especially since I'm not from the neighborhood (though Mom is). I'll stick with Chow...

    1. The crowds will probably hold up despite the quality. The other Toast on Church St. has much less foot traffic, is equally "meh", and is always crowded. I think "meh" is good enough if you're serving breakfast in Noe Valley. Kookez, on the other hand, never really even reached the "meh" plateau and is therefore now being sold.

      1. The Toast on Church St. had similar burps and hiccups when they first opened. We had such horrendous service that we've never been back for breakfast. Plus, I don't consider it fun to wade through dozens and dozens of people on a wait list (see also: Boogaloo's, Chloe's). There are decent places with little to no wait. We've been eating weekend breakfast at Chow lately. The staff there tells me that Chow doesn't really get busy until about 1:00 PM. Their breakfast is really stellar, almost to the level of Canteen in my estimation.

        ETA: Ha! I didn't notice ejcsanfran's mention of Chow until after I posted. Really, we're not in cahoots...

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          215 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94114

          Toast Eatery
          3991 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

          Toast Eatery
          1748 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94131

          1. I completely agree with you on the noise level in this toast. It's very cramped and very loud, and the television on doesn't help with that either. While the service is ok and the food is decent, it seems that they are still working out the kinks. Hard to maneuver around strollers, too. They really need to find a way to be more appealing. I don't enjoy my food when I have to shout at my eating companion, nor do I want to spend most of my time waiting for okay food. I also agree that they kitchen still cannot handle the volume. While they are still rather new, people in NV won't find it too appealing for much longer. Too many other good brunch places to patronize.