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Jul 16, 2008 01:32 PM

rose water? ici? other local/seasonal brooklyn spots?

New-ish to the area and thinking of trying out Rose Water tonight. I'm looking for a place that tends toward the local/seasonal trend in the Park Slope / Prospect Park / Fort Greene / Carroll Gardens vicinity. Is Rose Water a good choice? Went to Flatbush Farm recently and liked it, but probably looking for something a little more datey this time. Loved brunch at Ici -- would that be a better choice for dinner than Rose Water?


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  1. I've never been to ici but went to Rose Water this weekend and thought it was excellent. The food was extremely tasty and innovative. We were able to get a table for dinner without reservations outside. I would highly recommend it. I think it is one of my new favorites in Brooklyn along with Al di La and Tempo.

    1. Applewood is my favorite in the area.

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        applewood, rosewater, little d. all excellent. but haven't been to ici yet.

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          Applewood is the best restaurant in the slope followed (very closely) by Al Di La, then Rosewater. Of course this is just based off my experience.

      2. I was at Rosewater this weekend and was really underwhelmed. It was a 95 degree July day and the menu made me feel like it was winter. I mean, where's the love? Risotto, roast chicken, pork confit--really not summery. I got two apps and a side instead, but my asparagus salad was six --SIX-- stalks of asparagus. That's it. It wasn't even dressed in an interesting way. For eleven bucks?
        I'm a big fan of iCi.

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          We ended up going to Rosewater and LOVED it. I absolutely understand what you mean by the winter-like menu, but I tried to stay away from the heavier things and was more than pleased. The poached egg was to die for! And the lamb was almost as perfect. Keep your mind open about it if you can, and try Rosewater again in another season. I was really surprisingly impressed. But that being said, I'm still waiting to go to Ici -- the chicken schnitzel sounds great.