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Jul 16, 2008 01:27 PM

Looking for rec for Friday night dinner near Omni Hotel

Any food is fine. Something nice but not overly nice because we will be eating with our 2 year old. We would love something walking distance. I think the hotel is in the gaslamp area???? Thanks!

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  1. The Tin Fish is very close and would be ok with a small child (not exactly "nice" though - outdoor fried fish joint). I think the Hard Rock also has a coffee shop called Mary Jane's that might be child friendly, and you could try Cafe Chloe or Basic Urban Kitchen if it's before 6 PM or so. After that time they will both become very crowded - Basic is also a party spot before and after Padres games. The hotel's restaurant McCormick and Schmick's is not bad if you're really stuck - I've been there a couple of times with the family.