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Large wedding party for Brunch/Lunch Barnes Museum tour?

yummy_for_my_tummy Jul 16, 2008 01:08 PM

Hi. I need ideas for a place that is close to the Barnes Museum for a LARGE party - approx. 100 people before a tour at the Barnes Museum. Is there such a restaurant that can accomodate? Must be sit-down. Thank you all in advance for you help!

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  1. thehungrything RE: yummy_for_my_tummy Jul 16, 2008 01:26 PM

    The Manayunk Brewing Company has a nice upstairs room and a nice catering menu that you can mix and match from. It is pretty reasonable and they will do buffet or table service.
    Their food is pretty good.
    I have not tried Bourbon Blue in Manayunk but the may have enough space for you.
    There is a restaurant in Narberth called Eviva that does small weddings that would be worth calling. I have heard they are reasonable.
    If you are willing to go up one exit on the Schuykill Savona has amazing food and service, and is pricey. There are a few larger restaurants in Conshohocken such as Viggiano's and Spamps that might work.

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      productionjon RE: yummy_for_my_tummy Jul 16, 2008 02:24 PM

      I would try Chops which is a steakhouse about 10 minutes from the Barnes.
      Evviva is also a fine choice in Narberth but its a catering operation not a restaurant.
      Other options are in Manayunk but there isn't a large restaurant there that would take 100 without closing. I would look at Jakes

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        rocknroll52 RE: yummy_for_my_tummy Jul 16, 2008 06:15 PM

        Chops is not good ...I would recommend Eviva ...it is very close as well

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          rocknroll52 RE: yummy_for_my_tummy Jul 16, 2008 06:19 PM

          also try Aldar Bistro apparently they can accomodate up to 140 persons


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            yummy_for_my_tummy RE: rocknroll52 Jul 17, 2008 06:04 AM

            Thanks people! I can't find a link to Eviva! Can you provide one?

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            rocknroll52 RE: yummy_for_my_tummy Jul 17, 2008 06:35 AM


            you couldn't find it probably because we misspelled it!

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