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Jul 16, 2008 01:08 PM

Large wedding party for Brunch/Lunch Barnes Museum tour?

Hi. I need ideas for a place that is close to the Barnes Museum for a LARGE party - approx. 100 people before a tour at the Barnes Museum. Is there such a restaurant that can accomodate? Must be sit-down. Thank you all in advance for you help!

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  1. The Manayunk Brewing Company has a nice upstairs room and a nice catering menu that you can mix and match from. It is pretty reasonable and they will do buffet or table service.
    Their food is pretty good.
    I have not tried Bourbon Blue in Manayunk but the may have enough space for you.
    There is a restaurant in Narberth called Eviva that does small weddings that would be worth calling. I have heard they are reasonable.
    If you are willing to go up one exit on the Schuykill Savona has amazing food and service, and is pricey. There are a few larger restaurants in Conshohocken such as Viggiano's and Spamps that might work.

    1. I would try Chops which is a steakhouse about 10 minutes from the Barnes.
      Evviva is also a fine choice in Narberth but its a catering operation not a restaurant.
      Other options are in Manayunk but there isn't a large restaurant there that would take 100 without closing. I would look at Jakes

      1. Chops is not good ...I would recommend Eviva is very close as well

        1. also try Aldar Bistro apparently they can accomodate up to 140 persons

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            Thanks people! I can't find a link to Eviva! Can you provide one?


            you couldn't find it probably because we misspelled it!