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My wifes 41st Birthday this Saturday night. 6 people ??

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Looking for a nice place not too noisy with great food (decent portions).

Casual upscale.

Mains average $20-30.

Any area, most cuisines except for asian or curries.

Thanks Hounds.


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  1. Can anyone tell me if Simple Bistro is a nice place. They rec's I've read sound great regarding the food but what is the room like, small, warm, romantic setting or none of the above.

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      Simple Bistro is pretty good. They now have their front open to the street so it won't be romantic on a Saturday night. Service is friendly and attentive and the room is clean and bright. And they're not part of Summerlicious, so should be easier to get in.

    2. Haven't heard much talk of Biff's Bistro on the board lately, but I always enjoy a meal there.

      1. Globe Bistro (Danforth/Braodview)
        If you like seafood, Starfish Oyster Bar -- yumm!

        1. Ooh, I just realized that Summerlicious is still going on this Saturday, and all the restaurants mentioned so far are participating.

          Maybe try Tappo in the Distillery District?

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            you can get the non-summerlicious (ie regular) menus though at these places

            reservations maybe harder to come by for any place (summer-liscious or not) for 6 people this late in the week

            meh - always worth a try

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              I actually had the Summerlicious lunch at Starfish last Friday and they were turning away regulars, since the whole restaurant was devoted to 'Licious.

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                Interesting. I was there (Starfish) a week before liscious and they definitely said that the regular menu would be available during the liscious weeks. Now, that could have been dinner (where lunch may indeed have been reserved for liscious). I know many places (Canoe comes to mind immediately) that have a set number of liscious seats because some people don't want liscious.

                I personally try to avoid any restaurant doing liscious (regardless of which menu) because the service tends to be suspect, other things go downhill, etc because it's so busy. It's same reason I refuse to go out on Valentine's day to any restaurant

          2. I like Sauvignon in the Beaches. I have been there a couple times recently and have really enjoyed the food. I think it would satisfy the price range and casual/upscale criteria.

            Another option, which I feel I've been recommending a lot lately, is Gio Ranna's in Leslieville.

            1. so where did you go and what did you have? enquiring hounds want to know!

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                Hi Stapler,
                I will have to plan ahead sooner next time as I was not able to get a table for 6 on Sat night at any of the suggested postings. Finally we unded up at a French Bistro called Montmatre (911 Sheppard ave) at Wilson Hts in North York.

                Simple but warm room, not to noisy, I'm guessing this place has it regulars that dine here. Family owned and run. Food was good, well prepared and tasty, no real flash, just good cooking.

                We had duck breast, fish, striploin. Apps we had french onion soup, salads and escargot. Everybody enjoyed thier dishes and the wines are a decent limited selection, mostly french although the cover all the basics. Mains were $17 to $28,
                Apps $7 to $10.

                Cocktails, 1 Bottle of Wine, Apps, Mains, Coffee for 6 without tip was $425.
                It was pretty good all around, it's not a super fancy place. Most important is my wife enjoyed her meal as did our guests.


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                  Yeah, the most important thing is that your wife is happy! Wise man...