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Jul 16, 2008 12:49 PM

what to do with leftover turkey tenderloin??

So I bought a honey Dijon marinated turkey tenderloin, it came with two of them in there. I know for a fact we will only eat half of one of them tonight.

Any suggestions on what to do with all the leftovers? (besides sandwiches for lunch)

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  1. I often do a Turkey Tetrazzini with leftovers, but never with a Dijon marinade. Could be interesting though?

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    1. re: chezfredo

      Sliced over salad
      Turkey salad (made like chicken salad)

      If the flavor of dijon mustard is faint, use to make a turkey pot pie

    2. well normally I would suggest a dish that is made with scallops of turkey. A turkey scallop in a dijon mustard sauce with wine and cream ( and mushroom) but... with a marinade, I guess I'd try to sautee and brown the meat first with garlic, and onions. remove from the pan.Brown the mushooms well, remove set aside. Brown the onions and set aside.Then to the pan about a cup of white wine, reduce it to about 1/3 and then add a cup of heavy cream.. a tablespoon of dijon of dijon mustard and then to the rest, salt & pepper. Eat with rice or pasta, top with fresh chopped parsley and chives.

      1. leftover dijon turkey is perfect for a cold dinner on a hot day. dice the turkey and mix with diced celery, raisins, diced tart apple and mayo for a nice turkey salad.

        serve the salad scoped into a nice "cup" of lettuce (boston or romaine) with side of sliced hardboiled eggs and carrot sticks.

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          Your idea actually sounds like what I'd like for dinner tonight 3 rs!