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Jul 16, 2008 12:48 PM

Canuck in Vermont and Maine...

So I'll be doing a road trip through Vermont and coastal Maine for a week in August. Never been to either state, and am very excited to eat fresh fish/seafood, tons of ice-cream/dairy, and in-season blueberries at literally every meal. Besides the Maine Lobsterfest that we're fixing to go to [just for the experience], what 'must not miss' eateries that are representative of the area and its local products should we go to [or regional cheesy chains that you just gotta try once]? The city itinerary is flexible, so I'll go out of my way if a place is worth eating at. Englighten me, New Englanders!

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  1. There's a lot of information on Maine eats on Chow. It might be helpful if you gave us some idea of your proposed travel route: it's a big state, even along the coast!

    1. Sorry fellow CHOW-ers, I realize I should have been more specific.. it's like someone saying they're coming to southern Ontario [my neck of the woods] and want to eat! The Maine cities on the list are Kennebunk, Portland, Freeport, Bath, Wicasset, and Rockland. We'll try to hit Bar Harbor if there's something extremely chow-worthy there. As for Vermont, the starting point is Stowe and then a drive all the way down route 100.

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        Well, if you're driving all the way down Rte 100, then you must stop at Grandma Miller's in S. Londonderry on Rte 100. To die for pies and desserts.

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          Haven't really found much to eat in Freeport except for Harrasseeket lunch & lobster (right by the water). I know some posts in the past have written about freeport, but I usually go there for the shopping, not for the food. You should check out Brunswick (15 mins north of Freeport), tons of restaurants there.

          In Brunswick there's Frontier cafe in Fort andross and 111 maine for brunch/lunch, there's big top deli for new york style sandwiches, henry & marty, clementine and back street bistro for dinner. Cheaper, there's the great impasta. My favourite thing to do though is to get a gyro from xeno's (a greek food truck parked on the brunswick green on thursday - saturdays) for lunch and eat it right on the green.

          Some people have also been raving about Dolphin Marina restaurant in South Harpswell for their chowder.

          Portland - people will tell you Duck Fat for lunch, 555 for dinner, street & co for seafood.

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            How are you getting from VT to Maine ? This could be critical. As for Stowe, several years ago we greatly enjoyed the Dutch Pancake House. Very unusual pancakes. Not at all like 'flapjacks'.

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              Note sure if I'm too late, but if you are going down Route 100. Here are some great stops...

              Hen of the Wood, Waterbury, VT - closed Sundays
              Alchemist, Waterbury, VT - great pub food w/microbrew beer
              1824 House, Waitsfield, VT - Monday night Barn-B-Q, delicious and great setting
              American Flatbread - non-traditional pizza, local ingredients, organic, long wait, but local beers available while you wait inside or outside - open Fri/Sat only

            2. I would highly recommend Robinhood Meetinghouse in Georgetown for a great dining experience..Great taster place but regular menu is extensive and inventive. I also like Back St Bistro in Brunswick and Mae's cafe in Bath. Kennebec Tavern in bath has great pub food and MaryEllen Z's is a small, handcrafted place to eat in bath also....