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Jul 16, 2008 12:44 PM

Casa Tua and Tuscan Steak...Opinions

A friend recommended these two places from her last visit to Sobe. I don't see either one mentioned that much on this board so I thought I would get opinions.

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  1. p123>

    Of the two - right now - I'd suggest you try Tuscan Steak for their "Summer Nights" menu, a four course meal and a glass of decent wine for $40 pp. That's an app at Tua.


    1. Tuscan has superior food and value (but not cheap). Casa tua is much nicer and more expensive but the food is worse (ok but not nearly worth the money).

      Tuscan is family style btw.

      1. TO be honest, and go against many here, I thoroughly enjoyed Casa Tua. I thought it was fantastic. I also thought I had to be really careful with the bites I took with my specific dish because It was ready to disappear in 2 forkfuls. Be ready to spend lots of money. I went to Tuscan steak once and while the food was solid, it didn't do anything to inspire me. Good food, but left me underwhelmed for the price.

        Kobe Club has a summer menu as well, btw, and I think it's $35. Good food, unreliable sides, enjoyable (for me) atmosphere.

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          I also think that you need to consider Sardinia in SOBE. It is off the beach a couple of blocks. I went with a wine producer from Tuscany and he said that it is one of the best Italian places he has been to in a while.

          1. re: horvath42

            Sardinia in my opinion is a lot of hype and no delivery. I had one of the worst pastas there.

            1. re: miamisweet

              But you are very much in the minority...

              1. re: tpigeon

                I think at some point we're all very much in the minority on our preferences for one restaurant or other. Absolutely loved Sardinia one time and it was decent the other. Didn't like Michael's very much. Oh and the food almost killed me.

                1. re: tpigeon

                  Perhaps i'm in the minority but I know 2 other people that have gone on sep. occasions and not liked it either.

                  1. re: miamisweet

                    I go there often as I live near there and am very rarely disappointed, but it has happened (I go at least twice a week since it opened, to give you an idea of how many times I have been). I have also taken dozens of people there over the last two years and they all liked it very much. With the exception of one, who took multiple visits before warming up to the place (it is now a favorite).