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Jul 16, 2008 12:41 PM

Atlantic Grill?

A client I am taking to lunch has picked this place:

Atlantic Grill
(212) 988-9200
1341 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021

First question - Is it good?
2nd question - Recommendations from the menu?

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  1. Altantic Grill is a place that is consistently good, but won't blow you away and probably won't disappoint you. It is well executed seafood. I recommend the Big Eye Tuna salad, it is quite refreshing for a summer lunch.

    1. Good ambiance. Average food. High prices for what it is. Appropriate for a business lunch.

      1. The raw bar is ok, but i would stay away from any of the fish. (I know it's a seafood resto but I'm being serious)

        1. this place is solid. everything is good quality and well prepared. nothing cutting edge or new about it, but all the standards done well.

          i haven't been in a while, but i remember they had a good lobster bisque, and a nice oyster selection.

          1. I was not impressed, had the simply grilled mahi mahi which was burnt and I rarely complain or send entrees back. My boyfriend's seabass wasn't much better I'm afraid...maybe just stick to the sushi?