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Jul 16, 2008 12:39 PM


come on, there has to be ONE place with fantastic Ribs in NC!!!

I went to The Pitt in raleigh, they were good but no BBQ sauce. Not enough char marks on them. They weren't "Southern ribs". I want dry rubbed..smoked for 12 hours..then lathered with BBQ sauce!

Please help me find good ribs in NC!

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  1. That might be a tough order to fill in NC. And what you're calling "Southern Ribs" sounds like Memphis-style barbecue. Definitely not NC-style. We're a whole hog, cooked low and slow over fire. No rubs. No sauces (okay, maybe a little vinegar-pepper sauce, or with a splash of tomato for Lexington style). But not Memphis-style or Kansas City-style ribs.

    I've had decent ribs (but not great, and nothing I'd write about otherwise) at Stephenson's in McGees Crossroads (south of Raleigh on Hwy. 50), but they were a special for that night, and not something they have all the time. For what it's worth, it was a Saturday, perhaps you could try to contact them to see if they have ribs every Saturday?

    But I really don't think you're going to find ribs like you're talking about at too many local barbecue places. The Pit might be one place that has ribs regularly that isn't a chain. I think you can find them at the Q Shack in Durham, but I haven't been there. Anyone know if they're good? Good luck with your search!

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      from what i recall, the Q shack does good st. louis style.

      the barbecue joint does good to great ribs. the style varies and they usually only have them on the weekend. varies between pork and beef.

      the new shop will have ribs on the menu all of the time, so perhaps more people will get to try them and provide a more representative assessment.

      there was a rib competition in durham (somewhere in the triangle) about a year ago. i don't recall the exact results but i think scott howell won with his own entry and the barbecue joint came in 2nd and 4th (or 3rd and 5th). i should try and dig that up.

      basically, you can find good ribs in carolina, perhaps not the style you want all the time, and not as consistently as you'd like. at least for now.

    2. I eat ribs from the Q Shack in Charlotte all the time. I don;t care for ribs smothered so it's nice to add what you want. I think everything they do is very good. Here in Charlotte alot of folks are big on Mac's but I think the Q Shack food is every bit as good if not better.

      1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I know tall order to fill. I'm from St. Louis but live in NC and have for years. I love NC style (EASTERN NC) BBQ, but sometimes I just a miss my good ol ribs :(

        1. Honestly, (and I'm ducking now to avoid the fried green tomatoes that will probably be thrown at me) I like the Memphis ribs from Red, Hot, and Blue. As long as you like dry rub, which not everyone does, they do a pretty reliable rendition.