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Jul 16, 2008 12:33 PM

Summerlicious near King & Spadina?

Where's the best place to go for Summerlicious near King/Adelaide/Richmond and Spadina? For lunch.

Thanks Chows!

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    1. You could give Crush a try as well if they're doing a Summerlicious lunch.

          1. re: tp24

            I'm thinking of trying Spice Route.....any thoughts?

            1. re: tp24

              I went for dinner on Monday.....(Not the Summerlicious Menu)
              And had a great meal
              Great wine, nice Atmosphere

        1. Tutti Matti's in that area, ... we've tried it several times and loved it, even outside of the 'Licious events.

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          1. re: jennjen18

            Mmm..>Tutti Matti! Will have to give that a go sometime. Crush was unfortunately booked up for lunch and so was Brassaii, but I'll see if my friend wants to try Tutti Matti. Otherwise, Spice Route, it is. I hear they have amazing washrooms!

            1. re: tp24

              Oh my goodness, you're going 'coz of the washrooms.......... how bizarre! What's so good about their washrooms???

              1. re: jennjen18

                hahaha. No.

                I'm not going only because of their washrooms. It was recommended by a couple of friends, but everyone here seems to be recommending Crush - which is fully booked (boo urns). BUT an interesting point is that Spice Route apparently has incredible I figure if the food sucks, at least I'd have seen these remarkable loos!
                I'll be sure to capture a photograph if I can without seeming like a pervert.


                1. re: tp24

                  Maybe that's why the lineups for the washroom are always so long.

          2. I too nominate Crush Wine Bar. My friend and I didn't partake in the Summerlicious Menu but they certainly had one. Started with Beet/Goat Cheese terrine as well as Scallops. Both yummy. Found scallops to be overpriced. 2 Scallops/$21. I had the Lamb Saddle on a bed of Rapini w/ some sort of stock/wine sauce. Delicious. Friend had Halibut in a light broth. Very good as well. Good Wine selection.