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Jul 16, 2008 12:20 PM

Breakfast in Seattle

Looking for recs for a good breakfast in downtown Seattle this Friday.

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  1. I adore the oeuffs en meurett at Cafe Campagne.. I mean, they might actually be my last meal were I ever to need to decide on a last meal.

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    1. re: laurahutch

      Really, most any of the breakfast items at Campange are worth the visit.

    2. Sit-down? Lola.

      Casual on the hoof? Wander through the market. I favor the egg sandwiches at the I Love NY deli stall, but you could get fruit, or doughnuts, or piroshky, or croissants, or...

      1. Skip Tilth, Lola's OK, I looooved the Boat Street Cafe! I had been a fan of dinner there for awhile and finally made it to brunch. If it's sunny the patio is open and rose and bubbles flowing! Great menu selection, with everything from cornmeal cakes, lox, quiche omelettes. Everything we had was yummy.

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        1. re: winemd

          Tilth is not downtown and Boat Street is not open on Fridays.

          For a casual non-traditional (no egg) breakfast, I would recommend Belle Epicurean.

        2. Cafe Campagne opens at 11:00 on Fridays, brunch is only served on the weekends. But the Oeuffs are on the Friday lunch menu.

          1. Le Pichet has yummy French brek