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Jul 16, 2008 12:05 PM

Looking for a Cuban restaurant with superior Vaca Frita

Tried I think it was Portos but it was dry and not the way I'm used to having it back home in Miami.

If you know of a place in or around LA that makes it nice and moist, love to be able to go check it out.

Thanks a ton for the help.

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  1. Finding a Miami-style Vaca Frita in this town is hard to find. Guantanamera in Burbank (Victory/Burbank Blvd) has a decent Vaca Frita.

    1. Miami style Cuban food in general is hard to find in LA.

      I haven't had it there but try El Cochinito on Sunset and Micheltorena. Their lechon asada was pretty decent (moist, flavorful, etc) so maybe the vaca frita is good too. The arroz y frijoles were OK, which is better than I can say for most Cuban places in LA. Lousy cafe cubano though. Can't have everything....

      1. Sorry to derail but, do you know where to get a good frita in this town? I'm 34, born in Miami, went every year til I was 20. Nobody introduced me to the frita until LAST YEAR. All the places i've tried it at in L.A. has been a huge disappointment. They all seem to think a frita is pretty much a hamburger, i'm looking for one that's more like a sloppy joe.

        1. I too have this problem, I grew up in South FL and now am in Raleigh and am DYING for AWESOME Vaca Frita....or some pan in the morning...or some ham croquetas in the mall...urrrggg....

          1. ... everyone here seems to think Vaca Frita is a deep fried skirt steak, as opposed the the shredded-down-to-a-single-fiber boiled beef, marinated overnight in lime and seasoning, then "fried" up in a pan in a little bit of oil deliciousness it is in MIA. oh, how i miss it! oh yeah, Low Blood Sugar, the closest frita i think you'll find is 3000 miles away on Calle Ocho. trust me, i've tried. I buy my Cafe Bustelo and make coladas at home, fry up my own croquettas, relleno my own papas, and pretty much make everything else i crave at home nowadays....
            and please be sure to tell me if any of you find a good place!

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              You don't have to relleno your own papas -- if you like Porto's version, they're quite tasty, or if you prefer an actual potato that's stuffed, go to Puro Sabor.

              1. re: jdwdeville

                A belated question, but wondering if there are any recs on where to buy Café Bustelo?

                1. re: wutzizname

                  Prepared, or in tins for use at home?

                  If the later, absolutely any Latino market in the county will have it. Give us an area and we can point you.