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Jul 16, 2008 11:40 AM

good eats near sheraton centre

we are staying overnight in TO at the Sheraton Centre can you let me know some places for good pizza - wings - or other interesting cant miss places that are reasonably priced. Also a brunch spot.


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  1. Pizza - Order from IMO, they're the best small chain pizza in T.O.

    1. Order in? No don't do that. Go to Terroni on Adelaide, a short walk for you on the other side of Yonge, certainly a contender for best Neopolitan-style pizza in Toronto. Great pastas and apps too. Very well-priced.

      Brunch I'm not sure, I'm more of a breakfast then lunch kind of guy mostly.

      1. For brunch, try Eggspectations - it is on Yonge St, north of Queen. Not far at all for you. Also at that location is Baton Rouge, which has great ribs.

        You can get an EXCELLENT take out Burrito at Burrito Boyz - just walk West on Adelaide, it is on the north side of the street.

        The best wings in Toronto are at Duff's, which is on College Street, near Bathurst. There are a bunch of great bars in that area, you can't go wrong heading up that way.

        1. You can also go to Mercatto on Bay (Bay & Adelaide) which is under 5 minute walk from Sheraton). I work right next to Sheraton so I end up going there often. Their pizza and pasta are pretty decent. During lunch time, either go early or late (avoid going between 12:30-1) because it gets packed. I usually go at 11:55 and get a seat for two sans probleme.