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Jul 16, 2008 11:29 AM

King's hawaiian sweet rolls

Anyone come across these in any grocery store in Manhattan? They're supposed to have expanded distribution, so I'm hoping...

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  1. I haven't seen it at all. Have only encountered it on the West coast. They are really good. If anybody spots it, please report back!

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      i dont think they sell them here, ive never seen them either...theyre not even super readily available in CA either

      very tasty

    2. I have never seen these in Manhattan markets, or anywhere that I have shopped in the tri-state. Last had them in Dallas Tx. Would be nice if they came to NYC.

      1. Ever since King's Hawaiian closed their manufacturing facilities in Hawaii and moved them to the Los Angeles area, their sweet bread, sweet rolls and other products became a lot more available on the mainland. King's did claim at one time that their products were available in New York so it might be worth somebody's while to check with them for details.

        1. This is from King's Hawaiian Bakery's website, listing locations in the northeast where they distribute.

          If you're feeling a strong craving for King's bread, try going to one of the Polish bakeries in Greenpoint and you'll find some bread similar to King's. The place I go to in Greenpoint has these breads/rolls in baked in a foil tray that tastes close enough to King's version.

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          1. re: E Eto

            Found it! (Hopefully). The site said Pathmark should have it, so I called the one on the LES which is the most suburban supermarket I can think of in NYC. The aisles are huge and it even has a parking lot. --And the woman on the phone said they had it, with no hesitation. I'm always skeptical but I'll go today or tomorrow and if I don't report back with bitter disappointment, that means I found them. Thanks everyone for your input! If I didn't know others noticed a lack of the brand in the northeast, I wouldn't have been motivated to call because I hate talking to supermarket managers (and Duane Reade people). Thanks to E Eto for the Web site link!

            1. re: traceybell

              Hope you found the bread. I love them too!

              I have seen them at King's Supermarket in Short Hills, NJ a few years ago and also at Wegman's Supermarket in NJ but that's probably too far for you. A lot of stores locally (including ones in NJ and also in Manhattan) carry products from this company but it's not always the "Sweet" bread. Instead, what I have seen were mostly the "honey wheat" version. Not sure if that's a northeast thing......

          2. I saw them at Gristedes on 96th and Broadway..just the little bags though

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            1. re: kelea

              I just purchased a bag of the rolls and a bag of the bread from the Gristede's on 96th & Bdwy 2 days ago so they still carry it. They were very nice and even held if for me until I picked it up