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Jul 16, 2008 11:21 AM

Covivio. First visit after the L'Impero makeover

what a surprise when the better half surprised me with dinner there last night. the restaurant just reopened on Monday night after two weeks for renewal. The room has mostly been repainted white with orange banquette in the lower room along the outside wall and the inside wall by the large mirror; most of the staff has returned, now in open collar orange and brown shirts and black pants.
the food was very good. the better half had the lamb chops while I had the swordfish over vegetable relish. both dishes were quit tasty (the sword fish cooked just right; not dryed out). The menu now has small starters which we had the deep fried risotto balls, and sauted mushrooms. the appetizers ordered were just fine; rolled egg plant and heirloom tomatoes with octupus. the deserts were great; the tarteletta(mixed berries) and the warm peach crumble tart. the wine list has not changed and the bartender has returned who makes one of the best martinis in NY. the four course fixed price dinner is still available. Can't wait to go back.

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