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Jul 16, 2008 10:56 AM

New restaurant Taqueria de los Muertos

on Washington & St. Marks in Brooklyn -- anyone been?

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  1. I went last night ... second night opening -- new taqueria in a neighborhood without any despite the abundance of them in the slope ... I had a burrito with a corn filling -- at other places the corn is roasted but served alone and here it was mixed with red pepper & sweet potato - it was delicious! The kids had quesadillas and were happy ... We had mexican chocolate pudding and dessert nachos - decadent! We were stuffed! Highly recommended!

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      Thanks rachelfran for answering your own question! I'll go soon. I see from the sign on 5th Ave that it's the same people that used to run Beso on 5th?

    2. I ate there last night. Buritto was excellent and full of fresh ingredients. The staff was nice and attentive. Finally a good, cheap mexican place like this is in the hood. HURRAY!

      1. My husband has had a couple of burritos there (turkey mole) and was very happy. It ain't Chavellas, but it's not meant to be. Sometimes you just want a big, sloppy burrito and some nachos! Can't wait to get there myself.