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Jul 16, 2008 10:53 AM

Maria's Taqueria

Just noticed the other day that a new Taqueria is opening on Tremont Street in the Theatre District.

Does anyone have any information on this place? I would love to have a good Taqueria around the corner from where I live.

Here is the link:

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  1. So I tried Maria's this weekend. Overall it was quite mediocre. A couple pluses though.

    1. They are open until 1am every day. So its nice to have another late night option in the area, especially when Im feeling for something outside of my usual late night Chinatown stop Peach Farm.

    2. They use fresh toppings and the Pico de Gallo is quite tasty, which brings me to the major negative......

    The meats are under seasoned and bland. I had the Caritas burrito and a couple chicken taco's, and both meats were bland.

    I guess I was hoping for Villa Mexico and basically got another Anna's. If you find yourself out after midnight and under a couple cocktails and don't feel like eating in Chinatown its a decent stop, but otherwise very uninspiring.

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    1. re: Matt H

      r you kidding me the best burritos I ever tried!!!!!!!!

      1. re: Matt H

        I just tried a carnitas burrito grande and while Matt I can see where you're coming from on meat blandness I was quite pleased with burrito over-all. And both chips and pico de gallo were excellent.

        Not the carnitas I crave from the West coast, but passable. More like braised pork than real carnitas, but not atypical of other Mexican places in Boston.

        I'd compare it favorably to Herra's and Maria's is open to 1:00am every night - a huge boon to those of us living downtown.

        I'd be psyched to hear what other 'hounds think. Tremont just South of Boylston and the Common, next to NY Pizza.

        1. re: Carty

          There used to be a Maria's Taquaria in Hyde Park near the fairmont train station. It was one of my favorite places to pick up a bite on my way home from work. Does anyone know if this is the same people?

          1. re: zizzpudding

            No, The people that started Maria's used to work at Sabrosa...the tacqeria on the NW corner of the Filenes. Building...a few spaces up from Chacarerro and around the corner from Cafe Mediterraneo.

      2. OK, back today, trying to take my research seriously. Carnitas plate (so I could focus).

        Tasty! Not real roast/fried carnitas - broasted, moist but porky and nicely seasoned. Accompanying rice, beans, and pico del gallo all quite good.

        Asked the guy behind the counter 'hows business?' he says they really miss the students.

        Oh, and Matt, I just looked up Villa Mexico, I always think of it as the 'gas station'. We will agree to disagree on it as a standard by which to rate other Mexican places in Boston, I was unimpressed with the carnitas there.

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        1. re: Carty

          There will always be a difference in opinion when it comes to who makes the best Burrito in Boston, there are fans in a few different camps. I just have always enjoyed Villa, because the meats always are seasoned to my liking and the toppings always fresh.

          Trust me when I say I want to like Maria's, especially since I'm a downtown resident like yourself that has been yearning for a great burrito in the neighborhood. I have tried it twice and have been uninspired thus far. I will give it another try though in the coming days and report back.

          1. re: Matt H

            Thanks Matt, this type of response it what makes this board great ...

            full disclosure: my lovely wife had a shrimp burrito last night from Maria's (she does not eat meat, unfortunately I fell in love with her before this came to be true and am now trapped) and was only moderately pleased, said shrimp seemed stiff and perhaps overcooked. She *really* likes the fish burrito at Herrera's.

          2. re: Carty

            I've found the chicken mole to be the best of the bunch @ Villa. I'm still a huge supporter of her stuff there, but I'm finding myself not quite as enthusiastic as I had been in the past.

            1. re: jgg13

              I LOVE Villa Mexico. IMO, their chicken burrito is the best burrito I've ever had. Their guac is awesome too. I am not a mole fan, but I should give it a shot... I look forward to trying Maria's and will report back :)

              1. re: SaraASR

                OK, I am trying Villa Mexico again as well ...