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Jul 16, 2008 10:51 AM

John Besh's bacon...

Ok, I hear that John Besh has a deal with a local farmer who, clearly, produces heavenly bacon. And, apparently, the farm either has a waiting list a mile long or no longer sells to individuals, only restaurants (I hear conflicting reports on this).

What I know for certain is that the bacon I buy in the grocery stores in New Orleans doesn't begin to compare to what is served a Luke, August, and Cochon...

Does anyone know a good local shop that sells real bacon?

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  1. Unless he's changed recently, he gets his bacon from Allan Benton in TN.
    I ordered some a coupIe of months ago... incredible bacon.

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    1. re: Hungry4Good

      $21.00 for four pounds? not bad! shipping probably doubles that....?

      1. re: alkapal

        I have ordered Benton's bacon. I placed a double order since the shipping only increases by $1. Ordered in Feb. and at the time, the website said it would take 3 months(!) to arrive. It actually took about a month. It comes in 1# cryovaced packages about 11slices per pound. It is quite thick. For some reason it tastes a lot saltier than what I had on my Luke burger. Instructions say to undercook. Crisper=even saltier. While it is ok as a breakfast meat, there is a huge fat to meat ratio. I use it more for seasoning. It is EXTREMELY smoky. Glad I tried it but will probably look for a higher end applewood bacon locally. I think only Benton distributes Benton bacon.

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          thanks jazzyb! i'll save my dough....

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            JazzyB, I found the same to be true of the Benton bacon...way salty and my house smelled for weeks.

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              FWIW, I got my order in about a week . . .

        2. R&N Specialty Meats in Mandeville; W. Causeway Approach; 985-624-2662

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            Is this a distributor? How is this related to the above posts?

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              "Does anyone know a good local shop that sells real bacon?" from smctexnola

              R&N sells Benton bacon; just answering the original post

          2. Try Stein's on Magazine. He sells Nuske's bacon by the pound. It's about double the cost of supermarket bacon. It's also less salty than Benton's but still wonderful.


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            1. re: jshushan

              The current bacon triumvirate for me: Nueske, Niman Ranch cured (crispy) and uncured (chewy) and Benton (edible complex: I hear you on the extreme smokiness- I really like it but I do cook it outside...smells like you're smokin a pig) (works for me!)

            2. Bacon related news: I went to Cochon last Friday for lunch and they were doing all kinds of construction. The waiter told us that they were adding another room upstairs, but, more importantly, a butcher shop next door (on the side street). My guess is that could lead to some mighty fine bacon purchasing options, along with other pork-related offerings. Personally, I can't wait to go check that out.

              1. ot, but pork related, and i figured you guys will know (and not go all "nanny" on me!):
                mr. alka presented me with heavy duty cryo-vac shrink-wrap packages of smoked tasso pork, and smoked andouille. "richard's" brand he got in lafayette, la.

                says to refrigerate on the package. he had them in his hotel room (w/ regular ole a/c, no mini-fridge) for a day (or two?), before bringing them home to me yesterday. i put them in the fridge yesterday afternoon. are they ok? i thought....smoked and shrink wrapped: OK! will i keel over?

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                1. re: alkapal

                  is there a # on the package to call them and ask?

                  1. re: edible complex

                    good idea, but i'm slow...
                    their # is 8 am to 4:30 pm m-f.